A Note from Superintendent Chuck Sincere

To the Entire Springfield Local School District and Community:


Happy New Year.  The new grading period started January 5 and we believe the second semester will be very successful.


With support of our families and the Springfield and Lakemore community, we have developed an educational environment that ensures our student's needs are met and that they are moving forward in academic achievement. I want to encourage all of us to continue to raise the bar, to build on our strengths and successes, and to ensure our students are achieving at the highest levels.


Although we have had a mild winter so far, I would like to review our school closing notification process.  When making a decision to close school due to inclement weather, student safety is always our number one concern.


We closely monitor the weather forecast for snow and extremely cold temperatures throughout the winter months. The website we trust most for weather information is www.weather.gov. When the decision to close school is made, the information will first appear on my Twitter feed. You can follow me at Chuck Sincere @sp_sincere. In addition, parents will receive a phone call, and the information will be posted on our website, Facebook page and all major local news stations.


There is not a specific temperature policy for the schools, but we use the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart as a guide, based on their methodology found here. In addition, we closely monitor road conditions and the ability of our buses to run on time. We will most likely have school if the temperatures remain in the lightest blue color on the chart and the buses are running on time. However, it is not uncommon for us to close when the wind chill is -15 or colder for a sustained period of time. We make decisions that are in the best interest of our students with safety as our number one priority.


Parents know their children best. If parents are concerned for their children's safety getting to and from school or activities, we respect their right to keep them home.


When the Springfield Schools are closed for weather, all evening activities in the elementary, intermediate and junior high school buildings are cancelled. High school activities may take place depending on the weather throughout the day.


In closing, let me again thank all our families and the entire community for your ongoing support of the Springfield Local Schools. I invite all of you to continue to be an active part of our school district. Please attend as many student activities as your schedule allows. The students, staff and administration appreciate your support.


Everyone is always welcome to call me at 330-798-1111 or email me at sp_sincere@springfieldspartans.org if you have any questions about our school district or school activities. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Best wishes in the New Year and good luck to our students second semester.


Chuck Sincere