Dress Code 2018-19


Springfield High School and Junior High expects students to voluntarily comply with the dress code.  Failure to comply with the dress code guidelines is considered insubordination and will be treated as such.  The school administration shall enforce these guidelines and reserves the right to make the final decisions regarding the dress code.

General Guidelines:  applies to both the school day and all school events including awards programs and performances.  Clothing must be worn as designed.

1. A garment that is sheer, “see through” or shows skin,  another item of clothing must be used to provide coverage. Yoga pants/Workout pants and Leggings that have sheer “see through” panels. The panels must be below the knee or they are not permitted to be worn to school.

2.   Tank tops, narrow strapped tops or dresses must have a covering – the body area from the neck to shoulder must be covered.  Tube tops, halters or bare midriffs are not permitted.

3.  Muscle T’s, or low-cut (armhole) openings in shirts (i.e. NBA shirts) may not be worn without a school approved shirt underneath.  Students are permitted to wear sleeveless shirts/tops but may NOT wear low-cut arm holes.  Shirts that have been altered by cutting or tearing may not be worn.

4.  Clothing/Items on property may not have obscene, sexual undertones or inappropriate messages (i.e. “double meaning” messages or shirts with Confederate Flags, Playboy logos,  F.R.B.R (For Rednecks By Rednecks) with Confederate Flag Logo, Hooters and many of the current Nike shirts with sayings, etc.), drug references tobacco products, and alcohol products.

5. Skirt/Shorts length:  skirts/dresses and shorts must be worn at the natural waist and come within a 12 oz. regular size pop can height. The length must meet this requirement all around the bottom of the garment if you have a bare leg.  Test: kneel down next to a pop can and the skirts/dresses or shorts must touch the top of the can or the clothing item is too short. If an item is in question, this test will be used to determine school appropriate shorts or skirts.  **Skirts/dresses and shorts can be worn to fingertip length if leggings are worn underneath.

6.  Pants – are to be secured with a belt.  Underwear must be covered even when seated.  Oversized clothing that compromises the safety of students is not permitted.

7.  Pajama bottoms or flannel material pants are not permitted.  

8.  Pants with holes MUST have leggings (NOT PANTYHOSE)  under them.  NO EXPOSED SKIN.

9.  Tops/blouses – must naturally fall below the waistline of pants, skirts, or shorts even when hands are raised above the head.  The top must be long enough to tuck inside the waistband even when seated. It should not be necessary to pull, stretch, or tug at a top to make it cover the waistband when sitting or standing.

10. No cleavage may be visible at any time.  If in doubt, wear a collared shirt or a top within two inches of the collarbone.


1.  Purses that are oversized purses are not permitted.  To determine appropriate size, if the purse is large enough to carry a textbook it is considered a book bag and must be mesh or see-through.

2.  Foot apparel must be designed for street wear must be worn at all times.  Items such as slippers and cleats are not permitted.

3. Studded accessories or chains – such as those attached to wallets or chokers are not permitted.  This includes rings or jewelry with sharp points or surfaces.

4. Sunglasses and Head coverings – such as hats and/or bandannas, sunglasses are not permitted to be worn inside the school unless approved by the principal, a physician, and/or the school nurse.  These items are to be removed when entering the school and placed in lockers. They are not to be carried around all day.

5. Outdoor coats, jackets, gloves and blankets are not to be worn in the building.  These must be stored in the student’s locker. Students who believe the building is too cold should wear sweaters/sweatshirts.  The following items are not permitted in the classroom and must be stored in the student’s locker: Coats, backpacks, tote/computer bags, briefcases, or storage devices

6. Jewelry - belts, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that could produce injury if they come in contact with another student may not be worn (i.e. sharp metal such as studs, chains, etc.)

7. Backpacks and String Bags:  Students will be permitted to carry/wear a see-through/mesh bag throughout the school day for items such as pens, pencils, calculators.  Backpacks may only be used to and from school and must be stored in students’ lockers.


**Non-Mesh/See-through/ Book bags may NOT be carried throughout the school day.  This policy will be strictly enforced. If a student is unable to find a see through and/or mesh bag they may purchase one in the school store.


Consequences for Dress Code  & Personal Property Policies:

A referral slip will be sent to the office and students will be required to change clothes/correct offense or remain in ISS for the day and:

1st offense:   Inappropriate accessories may be confiscated. Written warning will be issued.


2nd offense:  Student will be assigned a school detention.


3rd offense:  Student will be assigned Friday School and  further offenses will result in suspension.


Time spent outside of the classroom to deal with the above code issues is unexcused time.


Students who are representing Springfield High School and Junior High at an official function or public event may be required to follow specific dress requirements.  Usually, this applies but is not limited to athletic teams, cheerleaders, bands and other such groups.

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