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The Digital AP Tuition Waiver is Accepting Applications Now!

Under the direction of the Ohio Board of Regents, ilearnOhio is offering one-time funds for Ohio high school students (public and private) who want to enroll in an online Advance Placement course at little to no cost to the student or school.
What criteria are used to determine a student’s eligibility for the Digital AP Tuition Waiver?
1. The student must attend an Ohio high school or be homeschooled with an Ohio school of residence.
2. The student is capable of completing an online AP course.
3. A school official must complete the application for the student through ilearnOhio.
4. The district or school (or school of residence for homeschooled students) enrolling the student shall award the student credit for successful completion of the course.
How many fee waivers may a student receive?
A student may only receive one AP course fee waiver.
How does a school official sign a student up?
(1) The student and a school staff official (generally the counselor) search the ilearnOhio catalog for an AP course that they feel the student will complete (, and (2) the staff official completes the application for the student through ilearnOhio. Click on
the Pre-Reg button for the chosen course and complete the application. Once the application is submitted, the school official will receive an email verification notice. After the school official's email is verified, the application is submitted for approval. Approved students receive a onetime tuition-only fee waiver code for the selected course. When they receive this code, they are directed to complete their enrollment with the chosen course.
If you have a question about the Digital AP Tuition Waiver, please don’t hesitate to contact ilearnOhio. And ask about how this program may apply to PSEO online college core courses too!