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School Safety Message from Superintendent Sincere

School Safety Messages


Dear Springfield Families,

The Springfield School District holds the safety of students and staff as its top priority.  The crisis management team meets continually to review and practice safety plans, always preparing for events we pray never happen.  We are grateful for our close relationship with all of the first responders in Springfield and Lakemore and for their guidance and support in these efforts.

Even as we create and review emergency action plans, one thing is not lost: the best way to prevent tragedies like the one in Florida is to create a school culture of love, caring, and trust. We believe it is important to develop trusting relationships with students so they feel comfortable talking to an adult when they have concerns for themselves or others.  If You See Something, Say Something.  If you see something you know shouldn't be there—or someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite right—say something. Informed, alert communities play a critical role in keeping our schools safe.

Parents, please remind your children that if they ever have any information about potential threats to school safety, they should report their concerns to a school employee immediately so that the concern can be investigated thoroughly. You and your child also may call the Safe School Helpline (1-800-4-1-VOICE). This tip line serves our community 24 hours a day, whenever a student or concerned adult senses a threat to student safety.

As you speak to your children about this topic, please remind them that the schools and police have “zero tolerance” for any person making a threat toward school safety.  This includes people using social media to threaten schools.  We make it clear to anyone of any age who would issue or re-post on social media; threats related to school violence will be punished.

Also, we suggest if you have a weapon in your home, please verify TONIGHT that it is secure and that your child cannot access it. Lastly, if your child is experiencing any trauma or other concerns, please let your school counselor or administrator know. Together, we can work to ensure that our students are in a safe and secure learning environment.


Thank you,

Chuck Sincere


Springfield Local Schools