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Superintendent Note: Notification of School Closing Due to Weather

Notification of School Closing due to Weather


School closing due to weather is never an easy decision. The rationale of closing is always based upon safety. Determination as to cancelling school begins at approximately 4:00 AM as Mr. Boswell, Business Manager and Mr. Smith, Maintenance Supervisor begin assessing road conditions by driving through the district as well as monitoring weather radar. Information on road conditions from transportation staff and local law enforcement 
are consulted as well as neighboring school districts, due to busses traveling outside of the district, before a final decision is made. Student safety is always our utmost concern.

As Superintendent, I consider the recommendations made by all of the above before making the final decision.   I intend to make the final determination, when possible, between 5:15 AM and 5:45 AM. The decision in contacting the community and staff will be made as close to 6:00 AM as possible. At the point of a decision information will be posted on the district website; www.springfieldspartans.org, broadcast by local television/radio stations and through our all-call telephone message alert system to all families and staff. The all-call, if school is cancelled, will go out as soon as a final determination is made. 

In order to address possible early morning safety issues that may not require a full day cancellation due to items such as limited power outage or additional time needed to clear roads of ice, the Springfield District may employ a two-hour delay. Because of possible inconvenience to families with scheduling childcare, this two-hour delay will only be used on extremely rare situations. The school will be closed the entire day if we believe the conditions would not improve or remain unsafe after two hours.

In the event of a delayed start of school, bus and school schedules will be delayed by two hours. When there is a delay out of district transportation will also be on a two-hour delay.  The school day will end at normal time if there is a delay. The school delay times will be as follows:


Spring Hill/Young Elementary School     10:50 AM

Schrop Intermediate School                    10:05 AM

Springfield High & Jr. High School          9:30 AM


It is important that families have a plan in place in the event of a school cancellation, delay, or an emergency closing after children have arrived at school. Your children and family members should know your plan so please take the time to discuss your family plan in order to avoid confusion on the rare occasion of a school closing or late start of school. 

Please remember that the ultimate decision on whether or not to send your child to school on an inclement weather day rests with you the parent or guardian. If in your judgment you believe it is unsafe to send your child to school your decision will be respected.

If you have any questions with this procedure please feel to contact my office at (330) 798-1111. Thank you for your continued support of the Springfield Local Schools. Our goal is to provide the best education possible for all children.


Chuck Sincere