• Spring Hill News
    Mr. Anderson

    My second grade students at Spring Hill Elementary are growing radish plants.  They are using a cotton ball and a clear cup to watch all parts of the plant grow and change.  Each day, we record all of the changes that we see.  Once the radishes are grown, they go home with the students so that they may explain this miracle to their families.  This project allows the students to see what is going on at each stage of development of the plant and will allow us to have a better understanding of plants as we go through our science unit.

    Tom Anderson class  
    Mrs. Holtz

    The Second graders in Mrs. Holtz's room are off to a fantastic start. We are still getting to know one and another, and we are having a great time.

    We are sharing our ALL ABOUT ME posters to find out interesting facts, and important details about each other.

    We are learning and practicing the parts of the Daily 5, focusing on classroom rules, and in Math we are working in numbers up to 1,000!

    Mr. Jones

    Hello from room 208! Students are busy learning a new teacher, expectations and routines for 2nd grade. We are hard at work on our literacy structure, The Daily 5, and becoming independent learners. The Daily 5 consists of; Listen to Reading, Read to Self, Buddy Read, Work on Writing and Word Work. The Daily 5 fosters independence and provides the skills necessary for kids to create a lifelong love of reading and writing. Once we have the expectations and centers mastered, students will experience amazing results! Good day and more news to come. Take care.

    -Room 208

     Doug Jones class
    Mrs. Marable

    Our preschool classroom is getting settled in to our new Spring Hill home. We have been learning our way around the building and the playground. What a great playground! 

    Some of our students attended the preschool last year and many are new to our program. We have been spending time learning about each other, the school and classroom rules (The “Rules Rap” by Dr. Jean is popular).

    Our groups have been talking about some of the things we learn in school; the alphabet, letter sounds, shapes and colors. Colors have been a focus recently. We made a “Color Crayon Box” with our handprints painted to look like a crayon box and then pressed onto a paper envelope. Then we collected ten paper cut out crayons of different colors to put inside. Now we have our "Crayons" to help us practice our colors at home!

    One of the songs we sang that focused on colors was “Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes”!

    Mrs. McFarland

    Mrs. McFarland’s first graders are in the process of writing All About Me books.  Students are excited to finish their books and share them with the class.  They are also enjoying an author study on David Shannon and have come to love Shannon’s stories and illustrations.  Students are looking forward to celebrating Johnny Appleseed next week and learning all about apples.

    Mrs. Pendergast

    The students in Mrs. Pendergast’s class are glad to be back in school!  We have spent the first four weeks of school learning new routines and getting to know our new homeroom teachers.  The kindergarten students are adjusting to being in school all day and they love the playground!  Academic focus has been on review of skills and we have been learning about our country through Patriot’s Day and Constitution Day.  We are looking forward to a great year!

    Stacy Pendergast class  
    Mrs. Slone

    Mrs. Slone’s class is off to a wonderful start in first grade.  In the first few weeks of school we have learned some very important school rules and how to be respectful and responsible students.  

    We are learning some fun math games.
    We learned all about school counselors from Mrs. Maas. 
    We even had a few popsicle breaks to cool off after a very hot week!


    Mrs. Stockwell

    We are off to a great start in first grade.  We have been reviewing school and classroom rules and practicing Daily 5.  The students love to listen to books, read with a partner, do word work on an I pad, work in their small group, and practice their writing skills.  We are also glad to have Miss Buck with us.  She is a student teacher from The University of Akron and will be part of our class this fall.

    Mrs. Warstler

    We are off to a great start in first grade at Spring Hill! The students are working hard on their stamina for all of their Daily 5 stations. They have learned to read to self, read to someone, work on writing, word work and listen to reading. We have reviewed the components of a good sentence and started “All About Me” writing. 

    In math, we are counting and adding numbers to 10. We learned how to read and write number words to 10 and currently in math we are learning to add using number bonds.

    We are looking forward to a wonderful year in first grade! ☺ 

    Mrs. Warzinski

    We are off to a "Super" start in Mrs. Warzinski's second grade classroom!  Students have been busy learning our routines.  We have been working on our Daily Five reading stations,  and learning about place value in math. We are looking forward to a great year in second grade!

    Mr. Zimmerman

    Mr. Zimmerman’s class is concentrating on reading twice a day.  We are practicing using correct punctuation & details in our writing.  We will begin the Pizza Hut Reading Challenge October 1, 2015.  Watch your child’s Agenda Book for details!  In Math the second graders are working on numbers to 1000 developing place value skills & adding & subtracting without regrouping, the third graders are working on numbers to 10,000 with & without regrouping.  The students are also graphing the weather, making predictions & using technology to create individualized graphs.  We are exploring living & non-living things in Science.  The students are gathering data from the outdoors to classify & draw conclusions.  Our first Student of the Week was Malcolm!  Congratulations!

    Student of the Week