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    Miss Cox

    Mrs. Woodford, Miss Cox and Miss Juhasz had Kappas from the University of Akron come to their classroom in support of Reading is Fundamental (RIF).  Their students read with the college girls, made a bookmark, had a snack and were given a book to take home. 
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    Miss Cox’s classroom pet, Sneezy passed away and Ant’Juan showed her much compassion.  When he walked into her classroom he asked her if she was okay.  Compassion is something that is not taught and his actions did not go unrecognized.  Miss Cox sent Mrs. Meadows a positive office referral and Ant’juan received a certificate.

    cox 5   cox 6  
    Mrs. Holtz

    Mrs. Holtz's classroom has definitely enjoyed the last couple of days.  It's Right to Read week, and we have been celebrating reading all week.  We "Shore" love reading has turned out to be an awesome, motivating theme.  Our class has participated in crab hunting, mystery reading, reading riots, drop everything and read, and their absolute favorite our "Beach Party." They loved dressing up like they were headed to the beach with their towels, sunglasses, snow cones,  and books.  We will end our celebration today with our "balloon launch."  Our class has also participated in sea animal research, and have done a fabulous job. They have researched a sea animal of their choice. This research included their size, life cycle, habitat, and so on.  Our class "Shore" loves reading! 
     Shannon Holtz
    Mrs. McFarland

    Mrs. McFarland’s first graders enjoyed learning all about worms!  We read the book Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.  We then sequenced the story by the dates of the diary entries.  We have also been working on How To writings.  A lesson on how to make Kool-Aid was demonstrated to the class.  We then wrote the steps on how the Kool-Aid was made together using transition words such as first, next, then and last.  As a culminating activity, we made Dirt Cups for a snack and wrote How to Make a Dirt Cup.  We used chocolate pudding, oreos, and worms-gummy worms of course!  
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    Mrs. Meeker

    In kindergarten we have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  We began by exploring the early life of a caterpillar.  We watched how our caterpillars grew and grew at an astonishing pace before making their chrysalises.  We then waited with much anticipation for our friends to emerge as butterflies. Finally, we celebrated their amazing transformation by releasing them into their new home outdoors.

    heather meeker  
    Mrs. Slone

    Students in Mrs. Slone’s first grade class have had a very busy 2nd quarter.   Below are some of the activities that we have worked on.

    1.  These students enjoyed performing a Readers Theater to the class. 
    slone 1  slone 2

    2.  It was an awesome Right to Read week with an ocean theme in May.  Thank you to our reading committee who helped organize this!

    slone 3  
     slone 4

    Reading in the sun on beach day!

     slone 5
    Dress as a character from your book day. 
    Mrs. Stockwell

    Students in Mrs. Stockwell's class read the book The Sandcastle Contest by Robert Munsch.  They designed their own sandcastles and also used time order words to write how they would build a sandcastle.
     stockwell 1
     stockwell 2
    Mrs. Warstler

    The week of May 4th we celebrated reading with the theme, “We ‘SHORE’ love reading!” We engaged in many “beach” themed activities. We searched for words that related to the beach, we read stories that took place at a beach or tropical climate, and we learned about various sea animals. In the picture below, the students dressed as their favorite character from a book. 
    warstler 1  

    Top row: Rylee Bell, Abigail Bell, Hailey Farmer, Shyann Dupert

    Bottom row: Ethan Curtis, Nick Fields
    The children also went to a beach party where they continued their reading celebration! They ate snow cones while reading stories with their friends. 
    warstler 2  
    Ethan Curtis and Olivia Dean
     warstler 3
    Hayden Davis and Anna Ahlstrom
     warstler 4
    Abigail Bell and Shyann Dupert
     warstler 5
    Hailey Framer and Rylee Bell
    The students also worked on telling time to the hour and half hour, while incorporating the beach theme into all curriculum areas. They ‘SHORE’ enjoyed celebrating reading this week! 
    Mrs. Warzinski

    We have had a lot of fun learning this spring with our student teacher Miss Miller.  We have been busy learning how to count money, tell time, write fractions and use graphs.  We are also excited for Right-to-Read Week. Second Grade has flown by!
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    Mr. Zimmerman

    Mr. Zimmerman’s class celebrated Cinco De’ Mayo with Mrs. Pendergast & Ms. Dolwicks’ students.  We enjoyed tacos & made maracas.  We also participated in the “Uniquely You” campaign for the Autism Society of Akron, where students used handprints to create a quilt.  We continue to practice counting money & telling time everyday.  We are working on weight, volume, length, height & width using metric & standard forms of measurement.  We celebrated Dr. Seuss Day with special green eggs & ham projects, such as writing about things “We do not like.”   I am pleased with student progress in reading & encourage students to continue reading at home over the summer.  We were fortunate to have Ms. Strasser as our student teacher this semester.  We will miss her.  She was an excellent addition to our class.