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    PSEOP Programs

    ·      Post-secondary courses/programs are available both on campus and through the DL (Distance Learning Lab) in our building.  Students may apply and qualify to any college or university offering a post-secondary program by meeting that school’s qualifications.  The college or university establishes their entry requirements.  The schools also establish the grade levels that may participate in the PSEOP program. 

    ·      Most of our students attend classes through the University of Akron either on campus or through DL classroom.  The University of Akron permits students in grades 9 and 10 who are admitted to the program to take one class each semester.  Students in grades 11 and 12 may attend as a part-time or a full time student through the PSEOP program.

    ·      PSEOP courses are taught and graded by the University of Akron faculty.

    ·      These courses are reported on both the high school transcript and college transcript.  They count toward meeting their high school graduation requirements.

    ·      Number of participants in 2013-2014 includes 32 Distance Learning students who earned a combined 290 credit hours representing $112,245.00 in saved tuition money.

    ·      Students who attended on campus classes earned additional credit hours. Two students in last year’s class attended U of Akron taking a full load of college classes.

    ·      2014-2015 numbers are:

    o   33 Distance Learning students with most taking more than one class

    o   Five full time on campus students

    o   3 part-time on campus students

    ·      Many of our students graduate and go to college with sophomore status; some having over 26 credits.


    Dual Credit Courses

    ·      SHS offers dual credit courses in affiliation with Stark Technical School.

    ·      Springfield students can take the qualifying test on site—Mr. Cursaro administers

    ·      These courses are taught by Springfield teachers who meet the Stark States required qualifications.

    ·      Four different courses are offered with a total of six classes over the two semesters.

    ·      There is no cost to the students and books are provided through loan to the participants.

    ·      First Semester 2014-2015:  46 Dual Enrollment students

    o   Anatomy and Physiology

    o   College Math

    o   Internet Design