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    Mr. Anderson

    The students in Mr. Anderson's second grade class planted radish seeds this past week.  They were able to see the development of the plants through its various stages.  The students planted the seeds in clear plastic cups using cotton balls to simulate soil.  They added water each day and gave their tiny plants plenty of sunlight.  Each afternoon as a class they recorded the changes that they could observe through the cup.  The changes as they found out were very dramatic from day to day.  They made pictures, wrote observations, measured changes in height, and made predictions for the next day.  On Friday after 5 days of growing, the plants went home with each student to be planted in their own yards.  Hopefully, the students took home more than just a plant but a better understanding and appreciation for all that plants do for our own habitat.  An in-depth unit on plants will follow to put this new found information to good use.

     anderson 1
     anderson 2
    Miss Cox and Mrs. Woodford
    This August Roosevelt (Spring Hill) received an Ohio Right to Read Week Celebration award for last years Right to Read week, which was, Camp Out with a Good Book.

    Miss Cox has applied for a renewal grant (pets in the classroom) to help maintain supplies for Sneezy, the class rat.  

    sneezy the rat  
    Mrs. Floyd
    The Spring Hill third graders have been demonstrating the understanding of how important basic facts are to their mathematical foundation.  They have a variety of opportunities to enhance their understanding of these important concepts.  The picture below shows students participating in SNAP-A-THOUSAND.  SNAP-A-THOUSAND is a mathematical game that has students working on using their basic knowledge of facts to solve more challenging problems.
    floyd 1  
    floyd 2  floyd 3

    Pictured above are students participating in our school wide spirit day.  Thank you to all the students who donated a dollar to our Spring Hill Parent Group.  The money will be used to help enhance programs geared toward K-3 students. 

    Mrs. Holtz

    It’s the beginning of our school year here at Spring Hill, and we have greatly enjoyed our first few weeks of school!

    Our class has enjoyed getting to know each other better.  We have been creating ALL ABOUT ME posters that include fascinating facts about ourselves,  favorite things, and goals for the future.  We are also, still introducing the parts of our daily 5, learning classroom rules, and now we are better able to find our way around our new school environment.  

     holtz 1
    Mrs. Langovsky

    The Kindergarten students at Spring Hill enjoyed getting to know each other with our All About Me posters.  Children worked on these at home and brought them to school the first week and presented them to their new friends.  Welcome to the Class of 2027!

     langovsky all about me
    Mrs. Shaffer 
    We are off to a great start in second grade!  We are enjoying our beautiful new building and playground!  It has been quite a learning experience adjusting to all of the new procedures and just finding our way around the building.

    In Math, we have been working on numbers up to 1,000.  We have been learning different ways to write numbers, how to compare numbers, and put numbers in the correct order.

    Mrs. McFarland

    Mrs. McFarland’s first graders have enjoyed getting to know the famous author and illustrator David Shannon.  His book, David Goes to School, has helped the students learn the importance of following school rules. Each student made a David with our classroom rules.

    mcfarland 1  
     mcfarland 2
     mcfarland 3
     mcfarland 4
    Mrs. Pendergast

    The students in Mrs. Pendergast’s class are excited to be in the new Spring Hill Elementary.  They love the wide hallways, the new playground, and the large gym.  We have been learning school routines and reviewing materials from last year.  We are very happy to have Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Calcei, and Mrs. Halman to assist us at our new school!

      pendergast 1
     pendergast 2
    Mrs. Slone
    Mrs. Slone’s class is off to a great start for the 2014-2015 year!  Many happenings have already taken place this year in first grade and we are eagerly waiting for what’s to come.

    1.  Students enjoyed a nice cold treat on their first day of school on our brand new playground!

     slone 1
    2.  We had a chance to count in a fun way on gonoodle.com using our wonderful smart board.
    slone 2  
    3.  We had a nice visit from our counselor, Mrs. Maas and learned about how nice it is to talk to someone if something is bothering you.
     slone 3
    4.  Students also have learned about our Daily 5 stations.  They are really enjoying our Read To Self station.
     slone 4
    5.  These students are some of the several who have already mastered the first column of our first quarter reading list.  Congratulations!  They have earned a candy bar!
     slone 5
    Mrs. Stockwell
    First graders in Mrs. Stockwell’s class have started the year by learning school and classroom rules.  They read the book David Goes to School by David Shannon then had a chance to write about what rules they think are important.  They also got to make  their own David. 

    The students also have been learning about being good bucket fillers by using kind words and kind actions.  They read the book How Full is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath & Mary Reckmeyer then decorated their own buckets.

    stockwell 2  
    Mrs. Warstler

    We have been very busy here in Room 114. We are learning the rules and procedures of our class, as well as learning to navigate our way through our new school.

    We began learning the components of the Daily 5. So far we have learned “Read to Self”, “Read to Someone”, “Listen to Reading”, and “Work on Writing.” Next week we will learn all about our “Word Work” station.

    In Math, we are reviewing adding numbers to 10 as well as number patterns. We are also practicing counting and writing our numbers all the way to 120!

    It is looking like it is going to be a great school year! We can’t wait to see what the 2014-2015 school year has in store for us!

    Mrs. Warzinski

    We are off to a great start in second grade!  The students are excited to be at Spring Hill and we are learning our way around the school together.  We are practicing our Daily Five procedures and building up our reading stamina.  We are looking forward to doing our best each and every day!

    Mr. Zimmerman
    Mr. Zimmerman’s class is working on reading every day, focusing on relating text to self, or our own experiences, at this time.  Many of our class’ third graders are receiving enhanced reading strategies, working with Mrs. Eberts’ class after lunch every day.  We are getting ready to begin the Pizza Hut Reading Challenge October 1, 2014.  Watch your child’s Agenda Book for details!  In Math the second graders are working on numbers to 1000 developing place value skills & adding & subtracting without regrouping, the third graders are working on numbers to 10,000 with & without regrouping.  We have been exploring living & non-living things in Science & participated with some of Mrs. Pendergast’s students in an experiment giving the students an opportunity to explore how many things are living in a small area of Spring Hill’s front yard.  The slugs & worms were the highlights.  Finally, we are beginning to practice a Reader’s Theatre script to perform with Ms. Dolwick’s students during the Parent Group festivities at Spring Hill on October 31.  
     zimmerman 1