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    Project More

    Springfield Sr/Jr. High School is excited to announce our involvement with Project MORE. 

    Project MORE, Mentoring in Ohio for Reading Excellence, is a volunteer reading mentoring project.  It is designed to improve reading for students with disabilities and has demonstrated significantly improved reading results.  Project MORE has also proven effective for students who are at risk for reading failure.  Project MORE will be available for 7th and 8th grade students who have not scored proficient or higher on the State reading assessment. 

    Project MORE is a one-on-one reading program. Bowling Green State University’s (BGSU) Center for Evaluation Services has validated this strategy for reading intervention.  Project MORE is a scientifically based reading research (SBRR) program.  Project MORE works with 140+ schools and partners with 10 colleges and universities. 

    Each Project MORE student receives 30 minutes of mentoring four times per week.  These mentoring sessions are conducted during a student’s study hall.  Upper-class students in the high school will serve as mentors for 7th and 8th grade students. 

    For more information about Project MORE contact Mrs. Michelle Warner at 330-798-1002.  


    Seventh grade Language Arts classes are coming to the Library weekly.  Our goal is to foster a love for the Library as they enter as seventh graders and continue throughout high school.  We have been focusing on researching skills, becoming familiar with where resources are in the Library, and creating an environment that promotes life-long readers.  Students are exciting each week to embark on a new experience in the Library.

    Tina Hartong, 7th grade Language Arts
    Angie Callaway, 7th Grade Language Arts
    Lisa Brown, District Librarian

    Pictures from 7th grade Callaway, Hartong 3, 4 language arts block.
    Health Class

    In Health class the students are creating an Individual Fitness plans for themselves. The students will next work on a nutrition project which will help them evaluate their own individual food intake. Those projects are both individual projects. The class will do a group project on nutrition in which they create a teens only restaurant. The group project will have the students take nutritious food and create a teens only restaurant. This project will be computer generated. The students will get to use the computer labs to design and work on these projects. These projects are a great way for our students to apply what is being taught in Health class.

     8th Grade Robotics
    With $14,550 from GAR Foundation’s Educator Initiative Grant, written by teacher Robert Lane, Springfield has added a robotics course for eight graders.
    With curriculum and training by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, Mr. Lane is using Lego EV3 Robotics kits and ROBOTC programming software to teach students how to build and program robots to meet a variety of challenges. During each challenge, students are learning to integrate science, math and engineering skills into the project. Students are also learning to problem solve and project management skills.
    Students start with a plan. They are learning to be very specific with what they want the robot to accomplish. After creating a plan, students work on programming using ROBOTC. (ROBOTC is a robotics programming language based on the C programming language.) Programming the robot requires a great deal of problem solving and testing. As students work on completing the challenge, they keep a journal listing issues and how they came up with solutions.

    Students will also be creating presentations explaining their challenges and how they completed them.

    After programming a virtual robot to navigate through a labyrinth, one student commented, “When I signed up for the class, I thought we were just going to be typing code. But this is more. This is really fun!”

    Students are enjoying learning. 

     robot 2
     robot 3
     robot 4
    100 Pacer Club
    The following students completed at least 100 laps on the Pacer pre assessment for the 1st nine weeks in Mr. Lantzer's PE classes:

    Manny Eppley 8th

    Logan Woods 7th

    Noah Costantino 8th

    Will Gump 8th

    Ronnie Bay 8th

    Zane Hurst 8th

    In Mrs. Smith's geometry class, students are working on released practice problems for the new PARCC end of course assessments.  Students worked in groups to come up with solutions to a real-life scenario, and are presenting their answers to the class.  The class then evaluated the answers, debated them, and came to a consensus on the correct answer.
     geo 1
     geo 2
    American History Class

    Students in Mrs. Elliott's American History class have been busy learning the results of exploration and how this lead to European countries colonizing the Americas.  Students discovered that Great Britain's first attempt at colonizing the Americas was unsuccessful but they persevered and tried again!!

    Students in Mrs. Elliott's World History class have explored the 8 characteristics of a civilization. They are now applying these characteristics to the Civilization of Greece.

    Both grades honored 9/11 with a video.  The seventh graders watched a video from the perspective of people who were children at the time emphasizing our vocabulary word, perspective.  The eighth graders watched a video from the government perspective to correspond with their study of government later in the year.

    Both grades also celebrated Constitution Day by looking at the preamble to the Constitution.  Groups of two students used the iPads to create a poster illustrating the meaning of the phrase they were assigned.