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    Mr. Anderson
    The students in Mr. Anderson’s class at Roosevelt Elementary have been working on multiplication and division in math class.  They have learned that multiplying is just fast addition and that division is just repeated subtraction.  They got to be so good at this concept, that they were able to learn their ones, twos, fives, and tens in both operations.  All of the students have been able to solve real world problems using both operations, which really brought these concepts to life.

    Recently, the class has been learning the metric system.  They have been able to measure lengths in metric units such as meters.  Each student has been able to compare measurements.  Here they flew a paper airplane in the gym.  Each student was responsible to find out if the plane that was thrown flew more or less than 5 meters.  Later the results were graphed in class.  Talk about bringing math to life!


    Mrs. Carson

    In Room 308, we have been doing some learning activities based on Valentine’s Day. We have done some graphing using conversation hearts and have worked on poems and practiced rhyming words. Also, we have begun to work on addition with regrouping and we are working on using calendars and telling time. Students are continuing to work on reaching their Book-It goals by reading. When they reach their goals, they earn pizza coupons. The school year is going by quickly!

    Miss Cox
    Over the past few months my students have been performing Reader Theaters to work on their Reading Fluency.  Every Friday my students enjoy Reading Rotation. During this time they read aloud to myself as well as our friendly classroom pets, Mr. Crab and Shelly (hermit crabs) and to Sneezy (rat).    
    Miss Cox reading fluency  
    Mrs. Scrimo and Mrs. Craig

    The children in Mrs. Scrimo and Mrs. Craig’s classes are lucky to have Student Teachers in their rooms.  Miss Piermarini and Miss Holmes got together to make an Abraham Lincoln to show the children how tall he really was.  The children got a history lesson as well as a math lesson in measurement.  Abraham Lincoln was over six feet tall, how do you measure up? 

    Abraham lincoln  
     Mrs. Fenske
    Mrs. Fenske's classroom has been busy reading and writing this winter.  We have a student teacher this semester. Her name is Mrs. Grozdanovski.  She has begun teaching several lessons and will take over this week.  One of her first projects was the book Snowflake Bentley.  She read the story aloud to the class.  They discussed important vocabulary and identified the main ideas and details of his life.  Then, the students created a snowman graphic organizer to go along with the read aloud.  This activity was enjoyed by all and the students were able to be a little bit creative too.
    snowflake bentley  

    The students also participated in a disabilities awareness program with Mrs. Carr from the Arc of Summit and Portage Counties.  Her program consisted of four lessons and then, Amber, a woman who is blind, came in to talk about her disability and answer some important questions about what it is like to be blind.  This is an awesome program which teaches the students to be respectful and kind to others.  It was enjoyed by all.

    Finally, the students each have a pen pal at Young School.  The students have responded to their letter and made their pen pal a valentine.  They are now anxiously awaiting a reply from their pen pal.  This is a great tool to help teach them the importance of writing and the skills of letter writing.  We will continue writing back and forth throughout the rest of the year!

    Mrs. Floyd 

    Mrs. Floyd’s third grade class has just finished their research project on animals.  The students began their project by selecting a critter that they had an interest in learning about. Next, they spent time reading and researching information on their critter using informational literature and technological resources to create notes.  They then learned how to turn their notes into paragraphs.  Time was spent editing and revising their writing to produce a better-crafted paragraph. Students are putting the finishing touches on their published pieces, which will allow them to present them to their classmates. 

    Mrs. Hohlbaugh

    I am so proud of our first and second grade readers!!  They are all becoming independent readers using the strategies they have learned on their own.  As a group and an individual, they are practicing their writing each day which goes hand in hand with reading.  I am so proud of all of their efforts and growth.

    Mrs. McFarland 

    Mrs. McFarland’s first graders started the new year out by writing Rockin’ Resolutions on guitars.  Writing the resolutions gave students a chance to reflect on what they needed to work on in school to become more successful.  Some of the popular responses were to listen better, write more, be neater, read more, and to be nicer.  We have centered our learning around the themes of penguins, snowmen, dental health, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Students wrote a friendship poem for a friend during our Valentine theme.  We also did an author study on Jan Brett.  To prepare for writing our own book reviews, we read reviews about Jan Brett’s books on www.spaghettibookclub.org.  We’ve been busy in math as well learning about place value and using different strategies to add and subtract single and double-digit numbers. We are looking forward to celebrating our 100th day of school and Dr. Seuss week at the beginning of March.

    Ms. Meeker

    We are excited to be learning about the "how to" writing genre in Room 212.  Students started by exploring how to books and discussing what we noticed in the books.  

    Some of the things we noticed were that each book has a title that names what we are learning how to do or make, detailed written steps and a picture to go along with each step, and a list of items needed.  We are excited to now start writing our own how to narratives to teach our classmates what we can do or make.  

    Our writings thus far have included teaching each other how to do a wide variety of things, from how to bowl, ride a bike, make a salami sandwich, and how to take care of a guinea pig.  

    it is amazing how much we already know how to do in kindergarten!

    Mrs. Shaffer

    On Wednesday, February 12th two dental hygienists from Dr. Lazarow’s office came to Roosevelt.  They taught us the proper way to brush and floss our teeth, showed us good food choices to eat, and answered all of our MANY questions.  Each student was given a bag with a new toothbrush and toothpaste.  Everyone got to sign a poster for “Give kids a smile Ohio.”  We really enjoyed their visit and we learned a lot!
     give kids a smile ohio
     give kids a smile ohio
    Mrs. Slone

    Students in Mrs. Slone’s class celebrated dental health week by reading several non-fiction books about taking care of your teeth.  They also learned how toothpaste is made and even had special visitors from Dr. Lazarow’s dental team who taught each first and second grade class about proper techniques when brushing your teeth.  The class also enjoyed making their own giant toothbrushes. 

    Pictured are: Saphira, Isabella, Vincent & Kaylee    
    dental hygiene  

    Mrs. Slone’s class enjoyed reading Valentine’s books by one of their favorite authors,  Rob Scotton and his cat Splat.  After reading Love, Splat and Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine students created their own version of Splat and wrote about when they feel loved the most.

    Pictured are: Tori, Samuel, Isabella, Kaleb, Logan & Xander    
    splat the cat  
    Mrs. Stockwell

    Students in Mrs. Stockwell’s first grade class at Roosevelt are improving their math skills while having fun.  They spend time doing various math activities on iPads, use place value mats to make numbers, and also work together to learn their math facts.  Students completed a candy heart activity where they did some sorting, counting, and graphing. They worked together in teams to ask and answer questions about their graph.  What a great way to learn math!

    Mrs. Warzinski 

    Mrs. Warzinski's second grade classroom was adopted by the Tri-County Plaza JCPenney store.  They donated four hundred dollars to our classroom.  We were able to purchase books for the class to read.  We were thrilled when we received the books!  It was a wonderful Christmas present.

    warzinski JCP  
     warzinski JCP
    Mr. Zimmerman

    Mr. Zimmerman’s class continues to work on reading for information & reading for pleasure in our leveled books.  We recently completed a unit on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to which students responded to many non-fiction texts about Dr. King’s legacy.  Students are learning about volume & mass in math & continuing to practice our math facts.   On Valentine’s Day, we performed two Readers’ Theater stories with Mrs. Carson’s class, directed by Ms. Dolwick.  Several students have participated in the Pizza Hut Reading Challenge & have received their personal pan pizza rewards.  Keep up the good work!  

    Mrs. Warstler
    Mrs. Warstler’s First Graders sure have been working hard!  We have been learning how to write personal narratives, which is a story about you, and taking a close look at what good writers do. We have learned various strategies to help us subtract in math with and without regrouping. Soon we will be celebrating our 100th day of school and we have many fun activities we will be participating in. I am so proud of the hard work the students put in each and every day. Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Ward

    Third graders have been very focused on building their understanding of the concepts of multiplication and division. Approximately 2-3 times a week, after students are able to demonstrate some understanding of new concepts, the kids will break into small groups of 2 or 3 to play games that focus on our current concepts. Struggling students may choose to go to a math center where manipulatives can be used to help build understanding of ideas in a more concrete way. Children can also choose to meet with me again to work on new concepts in a small group setting.
    Students are also working on math fact fluency, to increase speed and accuracy for all math operations. The children have been charting their progress to see improvements and setting goals for increasing achievement for the following month.  This goal setting has been very motivating for most students.  The students and I are always excited to see how much they are improving each month!
    ward math