• Schrop News

    Mrs. Eberts’ class is working on finishing their final copies of their memoirs. They also continue to build their reading skills and are focusing on nonfiction selections.

    Mrs. Wagner’s class is just getting started on a unit about fractions. They are currently working on equivalent fractions and will begin comparing, ordering, adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions. 

    In Ms. Dodds’  class the students have just completed a unit about electrical energy. They had a great time working with circuits! Soon they will be starting a unit on magnetism. 

    Students have been very involved with technology this winter!  In Math, students are learning about Ratios and Percent.  They use Ms. Byler’s SMART board every day to practice.  In Language Arts and Science/Social Studies, students are using the Internet to research different topics.  Each child is currently researching an African country in Social Studies with Ms. Graham, and all students completed research on an element in Science.  An informational poem was created for Ms. Midcap’s Language Arts classes.  Students use their own devices, school iPods and iPads, and the computer lab for all this research. 

    Students are also finding time for extra fun!  Everyone attended a dance on Valentine’s Day in the gym.  During recess, some of the girls brought their lunch to Ms. Graham’s classroom and “got ready-“ Hair, nails, and makeup!  It’s fun to be in sixth grade!

    valentine's day dance

    Students in room 121 are working hard.  Independent reading has resulted in 126 books already read this school year.  Students plan to reach a goal of reading at home 150 minutes every week.  Problem-solving skills in math have been a major focus.  Rocks, minerals and soil experiments kept students busy this fall in science class.  In social studies, the students have studied early civilizations and the Middle East. A guest speaker shared information about Islam during the study of religions.

    A field trip sponsored by the Ohio Energy Project allowed our students to learn more about transformation of energy and sources of energy.  In December, Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Tolson’s students participated in a service project to help the Akron Children Hospital Burn Unit. They collected over 70 pounds of aluminum cans. The students also made tissue paper wreaths and paper chains to help decorate the patients’ rooms.


    The fifth grade team of Williams, Housley, Freeze and Leonhardt have been very busy lately. Before the holiday break we all went on a field trip to see "Miracle on 34th Street" at the Magical Theatre in Barberton. Following the play we all enjoyed a wonderful lunch at The Prime Anthe's Restaurant. A great time was had by all! Mrs. Housley and Mr. Freeze were involved in teaching Science related topics together in Science and ELA through a Literacy Design Clollaborative. The students learned about conserving fossil fuels and causes of water pollution. The students read articles, non fiction books, did experiments, and writings that followed 5th grade ELA and Science Common Core State Standards. Our team has been working towards implementing a successful inclusion model. It is exciting to see the children learning on so many different levels!