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    Springfield's C.B.I. students and first graders from Young Elementary wait at hospital to talk to the DJs on 98.1 WKDD:
    have a heart radiothon  

    Springfield High School and Young Elementary teamed up to raise a little over $1,000 for Children's Hospital "Have a Heart, Do Your Part" fundraiser.


    SHS Blood Drive 

    The high school Student Council sponsored a blood drive on February 21st.

    Their efforts inspired 46 donors to register. Of those 46 donors, the Red Cross collected 33 successful pints of blood for needed patient care. Those 33 successful pints will help to save or sustain the lives of up to 99 patients!

    Additionally, the  school earned $250 in scholarship money. Congratulations!

    Bridge Building Competition

    bridge building competition  
    On January 24th, 2014 two teams of students from Springfield High School competed in the 14th Annual Summit County Engineer’s Miniature Bridge Building Competition at the University of Akron.  Students were given 3 hours to build their bridges from the provided materials.  Once built, the bridges are evaluated for aesthetics and to ensure that they meet all the specifications laid out for the competition.  After inspection, bridges are strength tested until failure and ranked by an efficiency rating; which is the failure load divided by the weight of the bridge. This year Team 2 from SHS, comprised of Colton Westover, Ryan Sullivan, and Tony McMullen, finished in 1st place!  Also, Team 1 from SHS, comprised of Ty Bailey, Brad Cain, and James Williams, finished in 2nd place!    

    Multimedia Design
    Students in Mrs. Hartman's  Multimedia Design class are watching what it is like to work at the Google Complex.  This is preparing the students to become Google employees.  We are entering the 2014 Doodle for Google competition to redesign the Google logo.  This year's theme is "If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place...."   I tried to show the Google logo on the projector with the attached picture as the students are watching the movie.

    OAA Bootcamp 

    The 7th grade Langauge Arts class are beginning their 10 week OAA Bootcamp.  The OAA Bootcamp was designed by the 7th grade Language Arts teachers to help students feel confident when the OAA test arrives!  The program involves 10 weeks of test taking tips and reading strategies.  Some fun is thrown in as well-- as students complete drills and task quizzes to improve their "rank" as an OAA Bootcamp survivor.


    Picture 1:  Veronica Boyd and Evie Mick work on an OAA Bootcamp non-fiction packet.


    Picture 2:  McKayla Kobyluck, Alyssa Foreman, McKayla Gregory and Jenna Kale problem solve.


    Picture 3:  Justin Rodgers and Kobi Foss answer some extended response questions using "restatement" strategy.

    Art Show 

    These are the winners from the Scholastic show. L to R front row: Courtney Molea, Victoria Morrison, and Cody Rentz

    Back row: Taylor Uhl, Bailey Chapman and Hannah Urbach. All the students were honorable mention and Taylor had a silver key.

     art show
    LOL - Linking Our Lives 

    This morning our 7th and 8th graders completed a Compliment Web activity for their Linking Our Lives, Anti-bullying program.

    DECA District Competition
    Springfield Marketing students attended DECA District competition at the University of Akron on February 4, 2014.  A picture of the students with their trophies is attached.

    The following students placed in the top five in their events and received trophies for their efforts.  

    Melissa Gaeckle - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

    Joe Leidal - Principles of Marketing

    The following students placed in the top five in their Series (Indivdual) events and qualify to go to state:

    Danny Mook - Sports and Entertainment Marketing

    Brianna Lewandowski - Restaurant and Food Service

    Sonni Hurst - Food Marketing

    Courtney Molea - Business Finance

    Devyn Gold - Apparel and Accessories Marketing

    Andrew Stratos - Principles of Finance

    Dominic Lowther-Lucien - Principles of Finance

    The following students placed in the top three in team events and qualify to go to state:

    Zac Fox and Dominic Barber - Financial Team 

    Caleb Mastin and Logan Treen - Marketing Communications Team


    The team of Olivia Kenney, Jake Kitchen and Eric Pennell will be competing in the Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Event (30-page paper and presentation) at the state level.