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    Roosevelt Students "Celebrated Reading"  the week of March 25.  Every morning there was a mystery reader and the students had to use their best detective work to figure out which staff member was reading. The students also participated in "Drop Everything and Read," which meant at a certain time of the day, Mrs. Brown would announce for the whole school to stop whatever they were doing and read for a bit.  Dressing up as a favorite book character was was done by all, including the staff.  All classroom doors were decorated according to the teacher's favorite book. On the last day of the week, the entire school participated in a balloon launch. Each classroom sent about 10 balloons up to the sky. Each balloon carried a tag which asked the finder to complete a few questions about his/her favorite book and mail it back to us. The students received replies from as far away as Core and Clarksburg, West Virginia.

    Art Show
    Roosevelt Elementary was one of thirty-five schools that sent artwork to the Summit County Art Show held at the Portage Lakes Career Center in Green. Each school could send 10 pieces of art. Mrs. Wyss would like to congratulate the following seven students for winning awards:
    In first grade:
    Chloe Paul - First place in drawing and "Best of Show"
                       (Chloe received a trophy.) 
    Eddie Stevens - First place in painting.
    Ian Hartman - 2nd place in mixed media.

    In second grade:
    Matthew Memmer - First place in drawing.
    Hope Wyatt - 3rd place in painting.

    In third grade:
    Seth Randall - 2nd place in 3-D.
    Kelsey Mullet - Honorable Mention in drawing
    art show 1  
    art show 2  
    art show 3  
    Mrs. Benner

    The students of Mrs. Benner's class won the Roosevelt Classroom Attendance Award for the month of February and celebrated with an Easter Egg hunt!

    easter egg hunt
    Mrs. Cox
    Kindergarten students visit the computer lab three times weekly using the Earobics program to help with reinforce their reading strategies.
    cox 1  
    cox 2  

    Throughout the school year third grade students worked in small groups to help build comprehension, fluency, and prepare for the OAA.

    cox 2  
    cox 3  
    cox 4  
    Mrs. Craig
    Mrs. Craig's class had the best attendance for the month of March!  Here we are pictured with our trophy.  We won an ice cream party for coming to school every day!  Yeah for us!!

    Kindergarten celebrated the 100th day of school by doing many fun activities centered around the number 100!  Pictured are our 100th day shirts and our necklaces made out of 100 Fruit Loops.

    100 days  
    Mrs. Fenske
    The third graders at Roosevelt Elementary School went on a field trip to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  They took a train ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.  They enjoyed a program called All Aboard for Animals.  The students listened to several animal stories, sang some fun songs, touched a deer and coyote pelt, compared different animal skulls, touched a large turtle shell and saw a large eagle's nest.  They also learned about the habitats in the park and the animals who live there.  Finally, the students enjoyed eating their lunch on the train!  This was the first train ride for many of them.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip while learning about their environment.
    cuyahoga valley scenic railroad  
    cuyahoga valley scenic railroad  
    Mrs. Floyd
    The third graders at Roosevelt Elementary were able to take part of the All Aboard for Animals program on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad on May 8th.  Students were able to explore the natural beauty and cultural history of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park through the window of the train.  Park Rangers and volunteers shared pelts, skulls and stories of the animals who call the Cuyahoga Valley National Park home.
    floyd 1  
    Mrs. Floyd's class at the Brecksville Train Depot waiting to board the bus to return back to Roosevelt Elementary after a fun filled train ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.
    floyd 2  
    Our friendly volunteer guide sharing a deer pelt.
    Mrs. Holtz
    Mrs. Holtz's third grade students have been learning about all different types of animals and how they adapt to changing habitats.  They have learned how important it is to protect the natural environment and native wildlife!  These third graders are very excited to enter fourth  grade next year!
    Mrs. McFarland
    Mrs. McFarland's 1st grade class celebrated poetry month in April by reading and writing different types of poetry. Our favorite poetry book was Someone Used My Toothbrush! and Other Bathroom Poems by Carol Diggory Shields. Students enjoyed writing an acrostic poem about sharks and an I Wish poem for mom for Mother's Day.
    i wish poem  
    Mrs. Slone
    Students in Mrs. Slone’s class read The Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin and were so interested in how worms live that they decided to make their own worm farm in their classroom.  Students placed large earthworms into the dirt & sand container in hopes of finding some awesome worm tunnels created by their new class pets.

    Roosevelt Elementary School has participated in the WKDD Have A Heart Radiothon for Children’s Hospital.  This past February the students raised more than two thousand dollars! Some of the activities they participated in to help raise the money included; hat day, pajama day, sno-cone day, dance party, and Silly String your teacher!

    akron children's radiothon  
    Mrs. Stockwell
    Students in Ms. Stockwell's class love math!  They have been making number sentences using connecting cubes, making patterns for others to finish, and playing many math games.
    math 1  
    math 2  

    First graders celebrated Right to Read Week with their favorite Magic Tree House books.

    magic tree house  
    Mrs. Warstler    
    It is so hard to believe the year is coming to a close! The students have worked very hard this school learning many new things. In Math they have learned to had a subtract numbers up to 40, count and write numbers to 120 and even solve story problems. In Reading and Language Arts, they have worked on their Daily 5 stamina, learned to become authors and illustrators of their own books as well as learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. I am very proud of the hard work and improvement of my students this year! They have all worked hard to show growth in all behavioral and academic areas.
    Aliya and Cloe work on writing a story together.    
    math 2  
    Ariyanna and Kayla are writing numbers to 120.    
    math 3  
    Ian and Austin are illustrating a story they wrote together.