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    Mrs. Frank's math classes are using the Hands On Algebra kits to write and solve algebraic equations and story problems. They really enjoy problem solving and algebra! They are also exploring fractions and using the Singapore bar method of problem solving for fractions, decimal, and percent problems.

    In Mrs. Johnston's classes, the children are researching an animal of their choice.  They are using a variety of resources to get the information about their animal to present to the rest of the class.

    In Mrs. Denczak's classes, the children have just finished learning about thermal and electrical energy in Science.  They will now study government in Social Studies.


    Ms. Byler, Ms. Graham, Mrs. Landon, and Ms. Midcap    

    Greetings from Ms. Byler, Ms. Graham, Mrs, Landon, and Ms. Midcap!  Our sixth-grade team is excited that the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) is finally over!  Our students worked very hard studying and preparing for these tests.  Now that testing is behind us, we are back to focusing on many different areas in our classrooms.   In Ms. Midcap’s Language Arts, the students are continuing their Slavery to Civil Rights unit.  They have closely read, analyzed, and reflected upon numerous historical documents, speeches, and other pieces of fiction and nonfiction associated with this topic.  In Mrs. Landon’s math class, they are dedicating these final weeks of school to their Million Dollar projects.  For this project, they must decide on how they will spend one million dollars; however, portions of the money must be used for housing needs, transportation, investments, and several other important categories.  In Ms. Byler’s math class, they will be finishing out the year with a unit on statistics.  In Ms. Graham’s science class, students will be busy designing and constructing rockets that will be launched on Thursday, May 28 near our baseball field. This event is always a student favorite!  Outside of the regular classroom, many of our students prepared skits for our OSCAR/Field Day that was held on May 8.  These skits were related to the theme of “overcoming obstacles” and were performed in front of the student body. The groups did a fantastic job! Furthermore, we are getting increasingly more eager as Outdoor Education approaches.  The students will be spending two days at Clay’s Park this year for the occasion.  Lastly, all of us would like to thank everybody for making this school year a memorable one.  We hope you have a fun and relaxing summer…it is much deserved!
    OSCAR/Field Day 2013  
    OSCAR/Field Day 2013

    Syx, Bogunovich, Zehner Team

    The Summit County Historical Society visited Mrs. Syx's classes.  They were shown artifacts from very early Ohio history. Students were dressed to look like Early Ohio hunters or Mound Builders. Students enjoyed being able to actually touch items that were found in Ohio thousands of years ago such as spears, flint, and the atlatl.

    The students in Mrs. Bogunovich's math classes are using the "Hands-On Equations" kit. This kit was developed to help children take the concept of algebra from the concrete to the abstract using numbered cubes and pawns.

    In Mrs. Zehner’s room, book Reviews are the focus of our activities at this time. Dr. Wilfong, a guest teacher from Kent State University, helped us "kick off" our reviews. We have been listening to a gripping book in class titled A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray. Each of us will be completing a book review for it. We truly enjoyed our guest speakers this year.

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    Dates to Remember 
    Supply lists will be posted online by June 14th for all grades.
    August 30 - Class lists posted 3:00
    Sept 3 - Open House 2-3
    Sept 4 - First day students
    Sept 11 - Magazine sale kickoff 
    Sept 19 - First parent group meeting 6:00pm library