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    After the intense preparation for the OAA, 7th grade Language Arts classes were ready to switch gears!  We teamed up with other classrooms to learn about Ecotourism and The Great Barrier Reef.  Mr. Fleming's students learned about animal relationships and food-webs of the reef, which coincided with their ecology unit.  Math classes tied in their research of ocean depths with a webquest.  Language Arts students were then very prepared to create profiles of their own fictional  "Ecotourism Travel Agency".  Students "traveled" to Australia and even took a ride on the EAC, East Australian Current, with their iPads!  The cross curricular project was a success, and definitely promoted literacy across the curriculum.  Great work students!
    hartong 1  
    hartong 2  
    Toys to the Rescue
    On March 21st, a play was performed by some of the students at Spring Hill. They performed “Toys to the Rescue”. The students involved included: Jessica W., Shelby M., Colton R., Halei H., Desiree T., Logan F., Jacob B., Nathaniel M., Bri M., Jade J. and Abbi C.--who was not only the student director, but also did all the make up with some assistance from Cassidy R..  The play was recorded and has been playing on the Springfield channel.
    toys to the rescue play
    Gravity Racing Challenge
    During a few weeks this spring semester Mr. Lane’s 2nd Period Computer Technology class built an All American Soap Box Derby Car. The program is part of the Gravity Racing Challenge with the Soap Box Derby. This program teaches students STEM concepts as we work to integrate science, technology, engineering and math. Schools who participate race their cars in a competition on May 18th.

    The car and professional paint job was donated by the Lone Star Fraternity. A special thanks to Lone Star for making this project possible.

    soap box derby team 1  
    soap box derby team 2  

    Here are the students in the class:

    Trista B.
    Jay B.
    Cameron C.
    Brody C.
    Reanna D.
    Tyler E.
    John F.
    Paige G.
    Lindsay G.
    Aubrey K.
    David L.
    Carlea M.
    Aric P.
    Erica P.
    Jessica R.
    Jack R.
    Jesse S.
    Jacob S.
    Caitlin S.
    Sydnee T.
    Bradley W.

    American Heart Association Fundraiser

    The student senate sponsored a fundraiser for the American Heart Association.  Students earned a total of $229.  Congratulations to the Student Senate for raising money for this worthy cause.

    Chris Clark Stunt Bike Show
    On April 26, Chris Clark, a bicycle stunt rider made a visit to Spring Hill Junior High School.  After students had worked tirelessly on their OAA’s earlier in the week, this gave the students a chance to relax and enjoy the message of Chris Clark.  Chris is a professional stunt cyclist who has competed around the world and entertained thousands at events like the Gravity Games, the Vans Warped Tour, New York’s Times Square Parade and even the Olympic games!  Throughout the show Chris speaks with the students about how he was able to turn his passion for cycling into a career that has taken him around the world, and why living a drug free lifestyle is crucial for meeting your potential.  Chris encourages students to find an active healthy hobby which they are equally passionate about and align themselves with friends who will support and encourage their healthy lifestyle.
    chris clark bike show 1  
    chris clark bike show 2  
    chris clark bike show 3  
    chris clark bike show 4  
    Upcoming Events
    May 14 – Choir Concert 7:30 p.m.

    May 17 – 7th grade students begin registration for 8th grade classes

    May 17 – Spring Dance 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. $5

    May 18 – Gravity Race with Derby Car 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    May 27 – No School; Memorial Day

    May 30 – Awards Assembly (by invitation only for grades 7 & 8)