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    Math in Focus
    We are eagerly implementing our brand new Math in Focus program.  This program is based on the curriculum in Singapore.  The concepts are introduced through hands-on experiences with manipulatives.  The students then begin to visualize the concepts and represent it pictorially through models like number bonds and bar models.  Lastly, the students use abstract numbers and symbols when they have enough context to understand what they mean.
    Math in Focus  Math in Focus
    New Lunch System
    Our students are getting the hang of our new electronic lunch system.  They each have their own private account.  By depositing money into the account electronically, it alleviates the need for students to bring breakfast and lunch money to school.    
     MealsPlus lunch system
    21st Century Skills
    Many of our classrooms are using 21st Century Skills in their daily lessons with the use of SmartBoards and iPads. The students are actively engaged in lessons and can manipulate the devices with the touch of a finger.
    SmartBoard  SmartBoard
    Art Returns to Young Elementary
    We are so excited about the return of elementary art at Young Elementary School. Mrs. Wyss, our new art teacher, has a great, creative year planned for our students filled with fun activities.
    Art  Art
    Parent Group
    We have a new face leading our parent group this year. We welcome Mrs. Jennifer Hyde as our parent group president. She is filled with enthusiasm and excitement about the upcoming year and all of the parent group activities.
    Jennifer Hyde, PTG President  
    "I Love this School"
    The students were able to enjoy a wonderful assembly entitled "I Love this School." They participated in singing and dancing as they learned an important lesson about bullies, respect, reading, positive attitudes, keeping your hands to yourself and how "cool" school can be! Be sure to watch the short video clip of the assembly below.
    I love this school assembly  I love this school assembly
    University of Akron Field Experience Students
     We will be collaborating with the University of Akron as we host field experience students in our K-2 classrooms. They will be using the skills learned at the university to assist in the classrooms and prepare for their student teaching experiences.