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    Mrs. Holtz
    We are so excited about the beginning of this year! Our classroom is devoted to show growth in all areas (socially, physically, emotionally, and academically). We want to empower each other to be successful through the bombardment of positive thoughts and actions! Learners in our classroom are working to earn their treasure box prizes for achieving their daily/weekly goals. They are working extremely hard to earn trips to the school store each Friday.
    Show-N-Tell - Show N Tell are student's choice. I'm sure we will receive a variety of interesting items! I feel it is good for the children to bring in items that are important to them to share with the class.
    WE CAN!!!
    WE CAN BE successful!
    WE CAN overcome challenges!
    WE CAN accept responsibility for OUR own behaviors!
    WE CAN make mistakes!
    Ms. Langovsky
    Yellow Marshmallow Day  

    This was Yellow Marshmallow Day in Science, Thursday Sept 6th. I dyed marshmallows ahead of time. We looked at white marshmallows, examining them, holding them and describing them. Then I dyed one so they could see and we described the changes that happened. Once we were done they were able to taste and see that even though there was a change in color, there is no change in taste. This hits Science standard SC#2.

    Mrs. McFarland
    Students in Mrs. McFarland’s 1st grade class made Biography Bears with the help of their parents.  Students shared the information they wrote on their bears so that we could learn more about our friends.  We found out some very interesting facts.  Some students enjoy fishing, dancing, cheering, drawing, legos, video games, the computer, playing with their friends, and even playing the guitar.  We’ve had a broken thumb and a broken leg.  We have an aunt to 3 nieces and a nephew. Someone sleeps with his eyes open.  One student has chickens and turkeys.  And yes, we have some bad habits too.  Several students bite their nails. Some talk and complain too much. Some even said they throw temper tantrums.  (Hopefully we won’t see any of the bad habits at school.)
    Biography Bears  
    Mrs. Scrimo
    Red Day  
    Mrs. Scrimo's Kingergarten class celebrated red day (above) and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (below).
    Mrs. Craig
    Yellow Day  
    Mrs. Craig's class celebrated yellow day (above) and enjoyed popsicles (below).
    Mrs. Slone
    Math:  We have been busy learning how to complete number bonds.

    Language Arts:   The class has been working in Guided Reading groups and practicing our Daily Five stations.  The students are having a blast with our writing station when they make a list of their favorite foods, candy, and animals. 

    Social Skills:  We spent the first week of school reading books all about why having school rules is important and how we do not want any bullies in our class.  We made a yummy friendship salad with marshmallows, yogurt and fruit.  We did not add the rotten banana because one “rotten banana” can ruin the whole salad, just like we would not like a student to be the “rotten banana” in our class.

    friendship salad  

    Social Studies:  We learned about September 11th and how we as Americans as so lucky to have the armed forces protect us.  We are so proud to be Americans.

    proud to be americans  
    Ms. Stockwell
    Ms. Stockwell’s class has been working on reading to a partner.  Students are using their listening skills when listening to their partner read.  They are using EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) when sitting so they are prepared to read with their partner. 
    Mrs. Warstler

    After a class meeting, Mrs. Warstler’s class decided that their favorite lesson of the day is the daily Read-Aloud and the activity that goes along with the book. They really enjoy listening and discussing each book. They like sharing their ideas in words, but they especially enjoy illustrating their thoughts about the books.

    In the class photo you will notice a few of the Read-Aloud books they have enjoyed during the first few weeks of school.
    Mrs. Warstler's class