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    Spring Hill Citizenship Awards 2011-2012
    These students were chosen by staff vote as students who exhibit exceptional character at all times.  These students are honest, hard working, trustworthy, loyal, kind, caring, responsible, fair, and respectful.
    Citizenship Awards  
    From left to right, back to front:  Kasey Wassam, Anastasia Fitzsimmons, Adrianna Vaughn, Glen Southerland, James Williams, Jackie Xiong, Emma Samuels, Courtney Rodrigues, Michelle Lininger, Hali Adkins, Madeline Roark, Marissa Roark, Jennifer Le, Aysa Kalamajka, Kayla Presley, Hannah Urbach.  Not pictured:  Bradley Cain, Dominic Weyrick
    LOL Kick-Off
    On August 31, 2012 Spring Hill celebrated the kick off of our LOL program.  LOL stands for Linking Our Lives.  The program is an Anti-Bullying initiative.  The focus of the program is to help students have positive peer relationships and connects each student to a trusted adult in the school for help and support.  We hosted a guest speaker, Barb Frye, who helped us kick off the program.  Barb spoke to the students about her life in a wheelchair, how actions have consequences and having respect for others who are different than us.
    Guest Speaker Barb Frye Guest Speaker Barb Frye
    Guest speaker - Barb Frye
    Students listen to Barb Frye
    Students listen to her story. 
    Student pledge
    The pledge students signed to stand up for others. 
    Junior Core
    A group of Spring Hill 7th and 8th grade students have the opportunity to be involved in the construction project for the 7-12 building.  The group plans to meet monthly.  The students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Construction Manager, Architect, Ohio School Facilities Commission, School District and Contractor.  The first meeting was held at the end of last year.  They will also tour the construction site this fall.
    Spring Hill Junior Core
    Junior Core students, back to front, left to right:  Danay Carter, Franny Thurston, Abby Graham, Brandon Hoxworth, Lindsey Gumm, Ne’Met Alrawajfeh, Colton Ross, Tiffany Lance, Desiree Thomas, Tyler Dawson, Taylor Evans, Jenna Ford, Andrew Hanna, Alayna Slater, Jacob Williams, Sara Morris, Spencer Sabatino, Cynthia Phillippi, Madison Looney, Ceirrah Frame, Carlea Masters, Caitlin Stemple, Megan O’Quinn, Autumn Torday, Abigail Croft, Tara Weaver, Bailey Hall, Brandon Whitecotton.  Not pictured:  Shawn Skaggs
    Dates to Note:

    Oct 4   Conference 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    Oct 12 No School
    Oct 15 No School
    Oct 26 Halloween Dance 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
    Oct 29 Blood Drive
    Nov 1  Report Card Pick Up 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    Nov 6  Waiver Day – No School for students