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    Turning Books into Digital Trailers!
    Mrs. Hartman’s Multimedia students are turning books suggested by the English teachers into creative digital book trailers to be viewed by the English classes.  The goal is for Springfield High School’s English teachers to show these book trailers to their students before reading the book as a way to motivate and get students interested in reading a book, similar to a movie trailer which excites the audience to view the movie.  Mrs. Hartman’s students are creating these podcasts to view with pictures, music, sound effects, and narration.

    Book trailers  
    Book trailers  
    Constitution Day 2012
    Constitution Day
    Pictured are: Back row - Lane Spraggins, John Martin, Ryan Hankins. Front row - Mandie Moore, Makayla Pigott
    Some students in Mr. Burkett's AP Government class pose with their collages from Constitution Day 2012 (Sept. 17, 2012). They were to make a collage that exemplified the goals of our government as found in the U.S. Constitution and write an explanation of their collage. 

    Some quotes from essays:
    "The Preamble was a very powerful outline for the United States Constitution." -Melanie Moore and Makayla Pigott

    "The Preamble of the Constitution is a promise, by our national government, to uphold itself in proper conduct and keep safe the people to whom the promise was made." -Ryan Hankins

    physics of pendulums
    Sarah Stubbs and Zach Loraditch studying the physics of pendulums.
    velocity of cars  
    Sarah Stubbs, Zach Loraditch, and Sam Karas studying the velocity of toy cars. 
    Spirit Week
    country day
    Country Day 
    Nerd day  
    Nerd Day 
    french impressionists
    Art 5: Practicing a self-portrait in watercolor.
    Art 3: Painting with acrylics after choosing a French Impressionist that inspired them.
    french impressionists  
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