• Mrs. Kim Borcoman  Extended Leave Instructions


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    Update 4/6/2020 Today is the official start of all online/distance/remote learning for all classes. Please be sure you have connected to all of your teachers via google classroom. My codes are posted below. Scroll down to the appropriate class (7th, 11th, 12th, etc). You may continue to reach out to me in email sp_borcoman@shs.springfieldspartans.org for any help! Stay safe and healthy.

    Update 3/31/2020 As we begin a full program of distance learning/online learning, please know that all teachers will have posted "office hours" where you can drop in to a zoom classroom or google hangout to see your peers, ask questions of your teachers, etc. I will post access to my zoom office hours in your assigned google classroom. More important than ever that you check school email daily!

    Update 3/29/2020 Spring Break is officially over. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I miss you! Please sign in to your assigned google classroom if you haven't yet. There will be assignments posted to google classroom regularly and you must check in. Most information will be shared in google classroom. Codes are below (in class directions) if you need them! 

    Update 3/20/2020 Tomorrow is the start of official "spring break". I will be checking email but not pushing out additional work until Monday March 30th. Please stay safe and continue to communicate through email. All students should have added their google class code as listed below. If you haven't, do so now.

    Update 3/19/2020 Please visit your assigned Google Classroom link (see below) and complete the newly listed assignments for your class.

    Update 3/18/2020 Here is a helpful site with google chrome extensions that may help students with learning supports such as read aloud, etc. Chrome Extensions  Also, I am in the process of setting up a google classroom for each of my classes. You will find the link to join your particular classroom down below in the instructions for each grade. Talk soon!

    Update 3/16/2020  I will be available via email during regular school hours. Please reach out with questions or for help!


    Directions All Classes:

    Complete the packet in order. Teacher notes have been provided when applicable. Show all work for all problems. If an answer key is provided, it is for you to check your answer after completing the work. All work is still required to be shown. Not all work is provided with an answer key. All work will be graded by submitting your work electronically. 


    Math 12 Seniors utilize the website www.practicalmoneyskills.com for additional support as we did on our credit card packets this week. Video links will be posted on my staff page regarding ads. This includes the video that we reviewed in class (Nike). Email me with additional questions or need for support.

    Packet includes: Practical Money Skills-Advertising

    Video 1: Nike Ads viewed in class            Video 2: Best Super Bowl Ads (short version)

    My Google Classroom Code for Math 12 is kzho4pg


    Math 7 If you complete the packet, please work on your learning path within edmentum. Remember to use login SLSD40 then sp.first.lastname then your passcode (no extra 0s). Email me with additional questions or need for support.

     Math 7 Packet

    My Google Classroom Code for Math 7 is nvedw4p


    Math 11 Utilize the provided teacher notes from class and work through all assignments provided in the packet. Use the Algbra 2 google classroom for additional support or email me.

    Math 11 Packet

    My Google Classroom Code for Math 11 is aenfxye