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    Welcome to Springfield Junior High School
    for the 2020/2021 school year!
    My name is Kristin Rummer and I am beginning my eighth year as Springfield Junior High's School Counselor.  I am excited to begin this school year and am here to help the students at Springfield through the wonderful, and sometimes challenging, junior high school years.  This page will hopefully provide you with information about the School Counseling program, upcoming counseling-related activities and events, and counseling topics and resources.

    I am passionate about talking to, connecting with, and helping young people. I would like the students here to think of my office as a warm and friendly place, where they are always welcome. My office should be viewed as a "safe haven" - a place where they can get help if they feel confused or worried.  
    My office:
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    Springfield Jr/Sr High is a great school, but as we all know, students will face challenges while growing up. I would like Springfield's students to know that they always have an ally and that there is always an adult at the school who will be on their side.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me or stop in with any questions, concerns, or just to say hello! I am here to help students achieve their goals, as well as provide support for the parents and faculty members.  I am truly delighted to have the opportunity to serve you and our Springfield students!


    Best regards,

    Kristin Rummer