Below is the code to log-in to Google Classroom.  Please enter the code that goes along with your class period.  
    1st pd 8th Grade Remote Science- bhueeyl
    2nd pd 8th Grade Remote Science - hbaioef
    3rd pd 8th Grade Remote Science- 77j5qev
    4th pd 8th Grade Science- ltau2lj
    5th pd 8th Grade Science- uw3qdil
    7th pd 8th Grade Science nth54gt
    8th pd 8th Grade Science- abhmyse
    Also, beyond Google Classroom for handing in work of any kind please send to:
    Google Drive: sp_skeggs@shs.springfieldspartans.org   OR                     
    Email attachment: sp_skeggs@springfieldspartans.org
    Thanks and stay safe!