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    I am your child's Intervention Specialist.   Your child is seeing me either because he/she is on an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.), 504 plan, or because the Intervention Assistance Team believes your child needs some interventions to be successful in their grade. 
    If your child is seeing me as an intervention, my goal is to provide interventions, so that your child will not need the support of an intervention specialist next year.   Occassionally, when working with children, I may suspect that your child has a learning disability.   When this occurs, I refer your child back to the Intervention Assistance Team.   This is the team that you were a part of (unless you were unable to attend)that included your child's teacher, the principal, the school psychologist, speech pathologist, a resource room teacher, and me.   If this happens, the team may decide to do a multi-factored evaluation of your child.   This includes reports written by several members of the team and testing completed by the speech pathologist and school psychologist.   If your child is identified as having a learning disability, we will meet to write an Individualized Education Plan.   This plan is re-written each year, and your child will be re-evaluated for the need of the plan every three years.   (Some children need to be on these plans for a few years, and some for their whole school career.) If your child does well with the interventions that I and the classroom teacher provides, we will hold a meeting to conclude interventions by the end of the current school year. 
    If your child is on an Individualized Education Plan or a 504 plan, be reassured that my goal is for your child to master all of the goals set for the year.   Each grading period, with your child's report card, you will receive a progress report on their progress on meeting their goals.   Sometimes, some children progress faster or slower than we expected on these goals when we wrote the IEP, if this happens we may reconviene the IEP to discuss their progress.   I have had children that we have decided to transition to me just meeting with their teacher on a consulting basis, and a few that have transitioned to the resource room for part of the day.   Feel free to contact me at school to discuss your child's progress.  
    Rebecca E. Dolwick, M.Ed. 
    Intervention Specialist/ 
    Roosevelt Elementary Tutor of the Learning Disabled