• Second and Third Graders--check out these video links.

    Sing along with these videos

         Ode to the Treble Clef (music notation)

         Forte Piano (dynamics)

         Crescendo (dynamics)

         Quarter Note (rhythm)

          Give it a Rest (rhythm)

          Every Good Boy Does Fine (remembering line notes) (pitch)

         FACE (space notes) (pitch)


    I will use an app called Remind to send updates and contact parents.  

    You may join via email:  sign up for Remind or text @mrsericha to 81010 

    Check out these different versions of St. Louis Blues Rock!
    Good recording, slow, straight 8th notes. Slow and Straight
    Bad recording but swinging the 8ths.  Swinging
    Older kids outside Really Swinging 
    Recording of School Spirit
    Slow version of Jus' Plain Blues
    Fast version of Jus' Plain Blues
    Recording of Oh When the Saints
    Parent Letter for Spring Hill and Young Elementary:
    Dear Parents/Guardians,

         My name is Mrs. Erica Richardson.  This is my 29th year teaching Music and Band, and my 26th teaching in Springfield.  I have also taught at the college level and have played professionally, both in the Canton (OH) and Wichita (KS) Symphony Orchestras and in Europe.  I live in Canton with my husband. 

         I will have your 2nd or 3rd grade student for music twice each rotation (A, B, C) at Spring Hill or (D, E, F) at Young this year.  My goal is for your student to be able to play traditional songs from standard notation on mallet instruments (xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels).  This will prepare them for recorder in 4th grade, and ultimately, for band, choir or any other musical experience ahead in their lives.  

         Before we can accomplish this, there are some things we will need to review or learn first, such as beat/strong beat/melodic rhythm, loud/soft, high/low and melodic direction.  Then we will begin learning specific pitches and rhythms.  And of course, right now we’re getting started by learning names, rules, and procedures. 

    My classroom rules are as follows:

         Do your best.    

         Raise your hand before speaking.  

         Respect the “stuff” and others, i.e. the equipment and the people. 

         We start every class by singing a hello song, the rules song, and by saying a music class pledge.  The class can earn stars towards a free day by following the rules and doing good work.  Individuals may be recognized by being asked to sign the Music WALL OF FAME.  Students not doing what they are supposed to will be given a warning, and following that, a timeout.

         I am at either Spring Hill (A, B, C) or Young (D, E, F) in the morning and at Schrop in the afternoon.  The easiest way to reach me is at my school email, sp_richardson@springfieldspartans.org.

         I look forward to working with your student! 

    LINK FOR MINDFULNESS ACTIVITIES:  http://calm.comhttp://smilingmind.com.au

    MouseMindfulnessVideo:  http://mindful.org/adorable-animated-mice-explain-meditation-in-2-minutes/


    Here is a link to Latin Fiesta
    Once you get there, click on listen.
    Here is a link to Trumpet Hero.
    Here is a link to Sax to the Max.
    LINK TO SHS BAND YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://youtube.com/channel/UCfAKHujCQl6b9cQWItjEHHQ 

         Your student is expected to continue to work on passing “sticker songs” like last year.  The sticker songs are the songs at the bottom of each page that say “TEST”.   Check your student’s book for stickers to see how they are progressing and ask your student to play some of these songs for you; many of them are familiar tunes. Your student also has a goal sheet that you can take a look at.  It shows their goals and their progress.  They should be passing at least one sticker song per week.  Your student’s grade is based on their participation in class, their progress on sticker songs, and their attendance at concerts.

         If your student is unable to participate in band on any given day due to instrument repair or a medical situation, please send a note or write a note in their agenda book.