Springfield Local School District

TWE Application

Purposes and Guidelines for Web Content and Use

Web Site Purposes
Web site content should be suitable and usable by students and teachers to support the Springfield Local Schools curriculum and courses of study.
Content provides information for students, teachers, staff, parents of students and the community concerning schedules, events, curriculum and courses of study and policies, etc. Provide a repository for various applications and forms used by students, teachers, staff and parents of students in the normal course of operations.
Serves a means for the district to communicate information concerning the district and its activities to the members of the community.

Guidelines for Posting Materials to the Web
All materials must meet the provisions of the federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)All materials shall be in compliance with Board of Education policies, bylaws, operating procedures, Federal and State of Ohio statutes that Board operates under.No photographs or other information identifying individual students will be posted on the website.Posting of grades, test results or similar materials for individual students will be done only within the framework of a secure, password protected access system limited to the student's parent(s), guardians(s), teacher(s), administrator(s) and/or the individual student.