Mrs. Wagner ~ 4th Grade Math

    *Day by Day Home Assignments in the event of School Closing
     *Just a reminder we are on our Official Spring Break March 21 through March 29.  Students are NOT required to complete the work that is posted during this time.*  Please stay safe & enjoy your time off!
    Days 1 through 10:  1 - Complete 45 minutes of Edmentum Learning Path Math Practice each day.  Students know how to log into Edmentum & complete their individual Learning Paths independently.  
    2 - Practice math facts for 15 minutes each day.  Students that are unable to have internet access @ home will be given the opportunity to make up missed practice upon returning to school.
    * Math Antics, Study Jams, and Kahn Academy are also great online resources for reinforcement of skills that we have learned and will be learning.
    * Please feel free to email me or send a Remind message w/ any questions or concerns you may have.
    Students should have their agenda with them daily.  We will record all homework in the  agenda.  If there is no homework then students will put "NH" for "No Homework".  I will stamp the math section of each planner daily. Please review & sign your son or daughters agenda nightly.  Students are always encouraged to practice their math facts at home.
    Students continue to  take the "Principal's Math Club Test", which is a series of math facts tests, each month. Students are given 5 minutes for each test.  When a student has passed all four sections (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) he or she will receive a set of dog tags from the principal, Mrs. Vardon, & will go to CiCi's for lunch at the end of the year.  
    Principal's Math Club Dates 
    November 15
    December 13
    January 24
    February 21
    March 20
    April 24
    There are many great videos for extra support on the topics we will be covering this year from Kahn Academy, Study Jams, and Math Antics.  Mr. DeMaio has some great videos/songs for math and math fact practice on YouTube. 
    www. softschools.com is a great site to practice math facts.    You are able to increase your level of difficulty as you master the sets of facts/questions. 
    Important Dates:
    Interims:  11/22          2/14          4/17
    Report Cards:  1/10          3/20        5/29
    Late Bus Release for Schrop Intermediate:    11/21        12/12       1/23        2/20      3/19     5/14
    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. (sp_mwagner@springfieldspartans.org or 330-798-1007) .  Don't forget to sign up for the Remind App to receive important alerts via text or email.