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    Welcome to Sixth Grade! 
    Mrs. Reed
    Room 121
           We have a self-contained classroom.  That means that I will teach language arts, science, social studies and math.  Mrs. Landon will work with some of our class for math. 


         Please plan to be at school every day.  When you miss school, you miss out.  Of course, we all get sick from time to time and need to stay home.  To help you catch up after an absence, I keep a daily list of assignments/activities in a binder near the front of the room.  Parents, if your child is absent, please remind him/her to check the absent work book for a description of what they missed.  I hang any handouts students need on the bulletin board.    It is very important for students to realize that they need to check the book for the entire lesson.   I will happily  answer questions and clarify assignments, but I expect students to check the books for the information I provide.  Stay healthy if you can.       If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact me at (330)798-1007 ext. 545730.


    Agendas/Assignment Books            

         Students need to be using their agendas every day.  Please ask to see it at home and insist that assignments be recorded.   We will use the assignment books to help you keep track of study guides and upcoming assessment dates.  There is a sample agenda page posted in our classrooms every day.  Parents, please check agendas daily.  We appreciate your initials each night to let us know that you are seeing this at home.  Any behavior points that are lost during the school day will be recorded in student agendas.