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    Springfield Senior/Junior High School
    1880 Canton Rd.
    Akron, Ohio 44312
    330-798-1002 ext. 545115
  • Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. Please turn in your assignments from your packet by taking a picture of each completed assignment with your cell phone.  Then email it to sp_ulrich@shs.springfieldspartans.org. Next, my office hours are Tuesdays 9-10am for IEP Case Management students and 12-2pm for English11/12 students; Wednesdays 12-2pm for Science7 and Biology students; Thursdays 9-10am for IEP Case Management students and 12-2pm for Science 7 and Biology students and Fridays 8am-9am for English 11/12 students. If you need help with an assignment, or have a question about an assignment, this is the purpose of using office hours. If you have a general question about your IEP, feel free to email me. You can join me at Zoom for office hours.

     I want to stress that it is very important to meet the deadlines for when assignments are due. It will make everything run much more smoothly if you are not late with your assignments.

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