Mrs. Wilde's Tutoring Classes 2019-2020




    Thank you for checking my class page. We are delving into unchartered territory with all that is going on at this time!
    Please know that I am available to assist your child in any way I can during these "no school days." Students have been provided packets of assignments, either in paper or computer form. PLEASE encourage your child to participate in whatever version their teachers are asking for.
    I suggest that they develop and maintain a routine each school day. As this will be work for quarter 4, it will be necessary for them to put effort into passing each and every class to the best of their ability. For seniors, I would expect you will want to do your best as this will be your final quarter before graduation!
    If your child, or you, have ANY questions, my email address is: sp_wilde@springfieldspartans.org. I will do my best to answer you in a timely manner.
    Take care and stay healthy!
    Becky Wilde, Intevention Tutor
    We WILL get through this!