Mrs. Hartman  
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    Assignments are posted in Google Classroom.
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    2nd Semester:
    Period 3 JH Online Media:  iq7uhuk
    Period 4 Yearbook:  5ikwzyo
    Period 5 Dig Photo:  n6tbpr2
    Period 6 Dig Photo:  ysshlzc
    Period 7 Multimedia:  t6jya7r
    Period 8 Dig Photo:  sh4vlfh

    A little ABOUT DR. HARTMAN
    Hello!  My name is Dr. Owens-Hartman.  I know we will all have an enjoyable time this semester in your Computer course.  To tell you a little about myself, I graduated with a bachelor degree in marketing with a minor in Spanish from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  I received my master's degree in secondary education and my computer science certification from The University of Akron.  I received my PHD with a focus on technology at The University of Akron. I have a 13 year old daughter named Haley and 16 year old son named William.  

    I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you!

    What do we learn in Digital Photography?  We will produce and manipulate digital photographs using basic image editing software.  We will add filters and enhancements to our photographs.  Some projects may be completed for the school or other teachers.

    What do we learn in Multimedia Design?  You will learn how to manipulate and edit photos; create movies, podcasts and much more!  Contests at times will be entered such as redesigning the Google logo and we will help with school projects.

    What do we learn in Web Design? We create web pages using HTML 5 and Kompozer design software as well as other online web authoring tools. 


    What do we learn in Yearbook?  We will produce the Springfield High School yearbook; however much more goes into this course!  You learn time management skills, organization skills,  digital photography skills and advertising sales skills.