• Here is the grading criteria
    1.) Students are expected to dress, participate, bring a positive attitude and put forth a good effort.
    2.) Dress consists of a t-shirt, gym shorts or sweat pants (elastic waste, no zippers or big pockets), and gym shoes.
    3.) If a student chooses not to dress/participate, they will lose 5 points per class and may be asked to walk during the class or stand in a designated area without communication with other students.  After 10 classes, he/she will fail the semester and be placed in a study hall at the teacher's discretion.
    4.) After 5 excused absences (as defined in the Springfield Handbook) within a 9 week grading period, you must have a doctor's note or it will be -5 for every absence.  You must present a red slip within 2 days in order for it to be excused.  Make-up work will be given at the discretion of the teacher. 
    5.) Because this is a participation class, all unexcused absences will be -5.  An accumulation of 14 absences (both excused and unexcused) within a semester can result in failure of the semester.
    6.) School related functions are not counted as an absence. 
    7.) Medical excuses: Should be completed by a physician. A note from a parent is not an excuse. If a student is excused from all physical activities, he/she will be expected to do written work in order to receive credit for the days not participating.
    8.) Please deposit gum, food or drink in the wastebasket before entering the gym.
    9.) If an injury occurs, please inform the teacher during the same class period so an appropriate action can be taken.
    10.)  Valuables must be turned in to the teacher. Locker rooms will not always be locked. Girls may bring a lock each day to lock up valuables (lock must be removed after class); boys will lock up valuables in gym office.
    11.) You must be in line when attendance is taken, if not, you will be considered tardy, after 2 times, 3 points will be subtracted from your grade for each tardy.
    12.) You will be expected to fill out workout and assessment forms and show reasonable improvement. Spartan Gym
     In gym class the students participate in: team handball, speed ball, soccer, volleyball/4 square, football/ airforce, matball, capture the flag, badmiton, softball, fitness, and weight lifting.