• Dear Parents and Students,  


    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! It is wonderful to have students back in the building! I look forward to meeting my students and teaching 8th grade English Language Arts this year. Our class will be focusing on preparing for high school using the key components of English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Language, and Speaking and Listening. Below, you will find a few extra pieces of information that you might find helpful.


    Health and Safety

    Due to COVID 19 and all the complications related to the novel coronavirus, there are many changes at Springfield High School and Junior High related to the health and safety of students and staff members. Items related specifically to the classroom include: social distancing with a minimum of 3-feet spacing between individuals where possible, disinfection of the classroom by students between each class, and facial coverings at all times in the classroom and hallways. Please screen your children daily and keep them home if they are ill.


    Classroom Rules

    The NUMBER ONE rule in my classroom is: treat others with respect and kindness at all times.  Following this rule will make our classroom a calm and comfortable place.

    Other rules to remember:

    1. Be seated in the classroom ready to begin class when the bell rings (ready also means technology is put in its correct place).
    2. Heads up during the entire class period, including during reading time. No sleeping allowed!
    3. Stay on task until the bell rings, unless I tell you otherwise.

    All rules outlined within the student handbook apply in my classroom.

    Above all, remember that YOU are responsible for yourself and your actions.

    Consequences will begin with a verbal warning and escalate as needed according to the repetition and/or severity of the offense. Students who choose to disrupt instruction and learning will be asked to leave the classroom.

    Please note: reports of misbehavior when there is a substitute teacher or visitor in the classroom will result in automatic disciplinary action.


    Upon entering the classroom each day, your phone and any other electronic devices will be placed in a pocket on the door. This pocket will be numbered and will be the assigned home for your technology for the duration of the class period. You may retrieve your device upon leaving the classroom at the end of class. Violation of this policy will result in confiscation of your device and disciplinary action.


    Students have the opportunity to correct failed tests/quizzes/assignments for a passing grade. In order to receive credit for corrected questions, text evidence, page numbers, etc. will be required with corrected answers. All corrections receive full credit.


    Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)

    Students will participate in silent reading daily during the year. This will be an opportunity to strengthen reading and writing skills and interest. We will be having class in our building library one day per week, if permitted. For SSR purposes, students may choose to bring their own book or find a book from the school library or use a book from our classroom library, however reading the same book repeatedly will not be tolerated!  Please be prepared with an SSR book every day.


    Other Room Procedures

    Absences: If you miss school, please check the absent drawer immediately upon returning. This is your responsibility. Any handouts or worksheets you have missed will be in the appropriate folder in the absent work bin. Please check this bin before asking me what you missed.


    Late Work: Due dates for projects and assignments are not suggestions. Work is due on the date it is expected.  Late work will NOT be accepted for full credit for any reason.  Late work will be accepted one school day late for HALF CREDIT. With the exception of an extenuating circumstance, work turned in more than one day late will not be accepted.


    Hall Passes: You will receive 3 hall passes each grading period. Use them wisely! You will not be permitted to take technology from the classroom when using a pass.


    Tardy Policy: Do not be late to class. After 3 tardies, you will receive a lunch detention.


    Contact Information


    I am available in the classroom before and after school and during my planning period to provide assistance or answer class-related questions. Please feel free to come to me whenever you are struggling with an assignment or have any questions. Email is the fastest way to reach me and receive a response.  I will try to return phone calls within 24-hours.


    I look forward to working with all of you this year!

    Dr. Lisa Putt                                                                                           



    330-798-1003 ext. 545311

    8th Grade ELA

    Jr. High Yearbook Adviser

    Spartans Caring Closet Coordinator

    Room #217