• In order to determine eligibility for services as a student with a disability, an initial multi-factored evaluation must be conducted by a team of qualified individuals. The MFE team, which includes the parents, gathers information to determine if the student qualifies as a student with a disability. The current disability categories include:

    1.Multiple disabilities (not deaf-blind)
    2.Deaf and Blind
    3.Hearing Impairment (including deafness)
    4.Visual Impairment (including blindness)
    5.Speech/Language Impairment
    6.Orthopedic Impairment
    7.Other Health Impairment (minor and major)
    8.Severe Emotional Disturbance
    9.Cognitive Disability (mental retardation)
    10.Specific Learning Disability
    11.Developmental Delay
    13.Traumatic Brain Injury

    Eligibility criteria is delineated in the state of Ohio operating standards for education of students with disabilities. An additional requirement of the MFE is that eligibility must be re-determined every three years. Parents must also give written permission for this re-evaluation. Continued special education services are based on these re-evaluations for Multi-Factored Evaluations.