• Once eligibility for special education is determined, an Individualized Education Plan must be written and implemented to consider goals, objectives, related services and least restrictive environment. The IEP must be in effect before special education services may be given. An IEP must be reviewed annually but may be reviewed more often if the IEP team determines that this is necessary.

    The IEP process is a team process and no unilateral decisions are permitted. Parents, teachers, service providers, and administrators must come to a consensus on how to best serve a child with a disability.

    Least restrictive environment is considered on a continuum of services available depending on the needs of the child. For services from least restrictive to more restrictive is listed as follows:

    Least restrictive
    All regular classes with the support in the regular classroom
    Resource room
    Self-contained classroom
    Separate school
    Institution or hospital

    Most restrictive
    Home bound instruction

    Related services which may be considered for students with a disability include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education, special transportation, attendant services, aide services, mobility services, medical services, interpreter services and counseling services.