• FAQ's
    Q:  How do I connect to the internet?
    A:  Staff no longer use the internal network.  In the wifi options, use sp_staff.
          Username:  this is your "sp_ *******" that you use for Progressbook login.
          Password:  This is your Progressbook password. 
    Q:  What is the information to set up my mail on the mail application?
    A:   The server address is mail.neonet.org
    Q:  What devices can students print from at the HSJH?
    A:  Currently, students can print from computer lab 201; laptop carts Zeus and Titan.   Students CAN NOT currently print from iPads or     chromebooks.  Network accounts are not available, and students must log in using username: sp_student  Password:  student2015.  Students can select to print to HSMS_Mediacenter_student.  This will print automatically to the copier in the library. 
    Q:  How do I know if the app I need is on a cart?
    A:  A spreadsheet can be found here with the list of apps on each cart.  Carts are organized by subject area.  While any content teacher can sign out any cart, if you are using a content specific app, you will need to make arrangements to get the appropriate cart.  Common apps - such as STAR and Pages, are installed on all carts.  If you have a specific app you would like to request, please email Andrea Novicky, who will then send the Help Desk request and update the spreadsheet for your convenience.