How Can A Student See the School Counselor?

    • Self-referral - Stop by the counselors’ office to set up an appointment by signing up with Mrs. Donna Duffield
    • Have a parent call the counselors’ office.


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    Who May Refer a Student to the School Counselor?
    • Teachers/ Support Staff
    • Parents
    • Nurse
    • Administrators
    • Self-referred or friend-referred

    How Can a Parent Contact the School Counselor?

    If you would like to speak in person, please call 330-798-1002 and ask for Mrs. Rummer in order to set up an appointment.  If I am unavailable please leave a message!  You can also call your student’s counselor and discuss any concerns if you would prefer to talk on the phone, or send a note to your child’s homeroom teacher, or directly to the counseling office.


    Mrs. Donna Duffield 

    Office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00-3:00 p.m. (when school is in session).

    Fax: (330) 798-1160