• Curriculum Update 

    From the Office of Curriculum & Instruction 
    Jolene D. Reinhart, Director
    The District Leadership Team and Race to the Top Transformation Team for Springfield Local Schools are comprised of representatives from all four schools, the various departments of academia, and different areas of special subjects.  These two teams share in the decision-making process that sets direction and focus for our K-12 educational programming.  We would like to recognize and thank the following team members for their dedication and commitment to shared leadership in our district:

    District Leadership Team (DLT) 

    Race to the Top Transformation Team

    Jennifer Boyer 

    Megan Babcock

    Tim Burns

    Wendi Bluey

    Jamie Eberts

    Rae Lyn Craig

    Denise Freeze

    Denise Denczak

    Cynthia Frola

    Lisa Hostler

    Jenny Ganzer

    Mary Meadows

    Matthew Graves

    Shaun Morgan

    Laura Hancock

    Heather Phillips

    Michelle Hanna

    Jolene Reinhart

    Kelly Humenansky

    William Stauffer

    Michelle King


    Michael Leonhardt


    Mary Meadows


    Heather Phillips


    Holly Reed


    Jolene Reinhart


    Dena Scrimo


    William Stauffer


    Lisa Vardon


    Tricia Williams



    Presently, our District Action Plan is focused on increasing the use of formative assessment practices and the implementation of Ohio’s New Learning Standards.  Formative assessment practices provide students the opportunities to receive feedback during their learning, as well as demonstrate what they are learning along the way in any given unit of study.  Formative assessment practices increase student achievement levels on summative assessments, such as chapter tests and quizzes.  Students learn more if they are well informed about their progress DURING the learning. 

    Ohio's New Learning Standards present more rigorous learning expectations for our students.  All Springfield teachers are focused on helping students achieve these higher expectations that will make our students college and career ready upon graduation.  

    Our District Report Card (click here for a copy) also indicates a need to focus on the area of Mathematics as well closing the achievement gaps for different subgroups of students in our school community.  The District Leadership Team and Race to the Top Transformation Team, as well as all staff, are committed to making the changes necessary to address these needs.  

    It is a busy time of transformation in public education, especially in curriculum and instructional practice.  “Team Springfield” is working hard to accomplish the most important shifts so as to ensure each and every student in our schools is well served.  We welcome your participation as a partner in this worthy endeavor.   

    For more information about teaching and learning in Springfield Local Schools, please visit the Office of Curriculum & Instruction website.