• Superintendent's Update

    Thank you for visiting our website.  As we begin the 2013-14 school year, I would like to welcome back all of our students.  It is hard to believe that summer is over and we have begun a new year.  This is an exciting time for the Springfield Local Schools! 

    I am happy to announce that the following new teachers and administrators have joined the Springfield Local Schools: 

    Brad Beun - Assistant Principal Grades 7-12
    Elizabeth Crites - Art Grades 7-8
    Kevin Gorby - Health Grades 9-12
    Annie Knight - Language Arts Grades 7-8
    Michael Leonhardt - Intervention Specialist Schrop
    Ashley Longworth - Tutor Grades 9-12
    Jolene Reinhart - Director of Curriculum
    Kristen Rummer - Counselor Grades 7-8
    Don Wallace - Math Grades 9-12

    Our district report card results are listed on our website.   We are working very hard to improve and get better.  I am proud to say that our district received an A grade for Progress.  This is our district’s average progress for students in math and reading, grades 4-8.  It is a reflection on how much a student learns in a year.  If we were using the same rating system as had been used in previous years, the Springfield Local Schools would once again be rated “Excellent”.      

    It is wonderful to report that district finances are in good shape.  The five year forecast shows that the district is operating in the black and we finished the fiscal year with more than a $7.7 million cash balance.  We will have renewal levies on the ballot in November 2014 and November 2015.

    It has been a busy summer at the new Springfield High School and Junior High.  Much of the building is complete and we expect to occupy the new facility for classes in January 2014.  We are in the process of resolving our troublesome floor issues and I can assure you that our students will move into a safe and beautiful state of the art learning facility. 

    Springfield is a great place to be and we look forward with excitement to moving into our new building in January.  Our excellent teaching staff looks forward to working with your children and we continue to spend your tax dollars wisely.  Thanks again for your continued support.

    William Stauffer

    Superintendent of Schools