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    Springfield Local Schools Board of Education : Statement regarding public input at meetings

    The Board of Education recognizes the value to school governance of public comment on educational issues and the importance of allowing members of the public to express themselves on school matters of community interest.           

    The Board is also committed to conducting its meetings in a productive, civil and efficient manner.

    Public comments shall be guided by the following principles and Board Policy 0169.1 : 

    1. If a meeting is held in-person, public comments should be delivered in-person at the advertised location of the meeting. 
    2. In the event of a virtual meeting, public comments will be accepted in two formats: 
      1. E-MAIL
        1. Public comments must be sent to comments@springfieldspartans.org in order to be read aloud. 
      2. VIRTUAL
        1. Public comments may be delivered by the individual through ZOOM. Individuals must register at www.springfieldspartans.org/boe-register. Individuals video and audio will be unmuted by the moderator at their time to speak. Audio and video will be muted immediately at the close of their comment period. A timer will be shown to keep time. 
      3. Public comments or registration to attend must be completed 1 hour prior to the start of the meeting. Any comments or registrations received after the deadline will be held for the next regular meeting.

    3. Each statement, in-person or read, shall be limited to five (5) minutes in duration. 
    4. Comments are expected to remain professional and relevant. 
      1. All statements shall be directed to the presiding officer; no person may address or question Board members individually. 
      2. The presiding officer may prohibit or restrict public comments that are too lengthy, off-topic, frivolous, repetitive, abusive, obscene, irrelevant, and/or harassing. 
      3. The presiding officer may interrupt, warn, or terminate a participants’ statement when that person does not observe reasonable decorum or is disruptive to the meeting. 

    The Board applies these procedures to all speakers and does not discriminate based on the identity of the speaker, content of the speech, or viewpoint of the speaker.   

    Springfield Local Schools, in collaboration with our families and community, will inspire students to realize their full potential as critical thinkers and ethical leaders in today’s global society, while ensuring a safe and respectful culture.

    Springfield Local Schools will recognize and promote the uniqueness of each individual as we increase his/her capacity to become an innovative, life-long learner.