Spring Hill Junior High

  • 2012-2013 School Calendar

    2012-2013calendar.pdf, 81.40 KB (Last Modified on February 24, 2012)
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  • Immunization Requirements Letter and Exemption Form

    TdapForms.pdf, 185.45 KB (Last Modified on September 12, 2011)
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  • Open Enrollment Form

    *The following must accompany the open enrollment form:
    - 2 proof of residency (utility bill, lease agreement, voter's registration)
    - Copy of student's birth certificate
    - Custody papers if applicable
    If you have questions, please contact Cathy Grubbs:
    Springfield Local Schools
    2410 Massillon Road
    Akron, Ohio 44312
    Phone 330-798-1111 ext. 545012
    Fax 330-798-1161
    Email sp_grubbs@springfieldspartans.org
    OEapp1415.pdf, 55.32 KB (Last Modified on December 17, 2013)
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  • ACN Affinity Fundraising Announcement

    Thank you for supporting Spring Hill Junior High School! Your support enables our mission to
    engage all students, every day, in enriching, productive activities, which promote and teach
    the value of life-long learning. Through your help we can insure that Spring Hill will be a
    community of learners where staff, parents, and students work collaboratively to ensure a safe,
    efficient, and enjoyable environment that prepares students academically, socially, and
    emotionally to reach their full potential and become positive, contributing members of
    society. Towards that end, we’re excited to announce a new opportunity that has the potential
    to dramatically increase our program funding!
    Annoucement Letter for SHJHS 042312.pdf, 76.50 KB (Last Modified on November 7, 2012)
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  • ACN Fundraising Information

    Who is ACN?
    ACN is the largest direct-selling telecommunications company in the world with market
    presence in 23 countries, more than a million customers and annual revenues exceeding half
    a billion dollars! ACN provides customers with the telecommunications and home services they
    already need and use every day, as well as the cutting-edge services of the future.
    Spring Hill Junior High Landing Page 022312.pdf, 297.21 KB (Last Modified on November 7, 2012)
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  • ACN Fundraising Ad

    To provide additional financial support, consider
    transferring your communication or home services
    to ACN. You’ll receive the same services you use
    today, and Spring Hill Junior High School will receive
    a direct financial contribution each month for as
    long as your services are active.
    Distribution Ad for SHJHS 042312.pdf, 189.26 KB (Last Modified on November 7, 2012)
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  • ACN Student Flyer

    shjhs STUDENT FLYER.pdf, 212.83 KB (Last Modified on November 7, 2012)
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  • ACN Fundraising Survey

    Survey Form for SHJHS 042312.pdf, 56.22 KB (Last Modified on November 7, 2012)
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